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The Meaning or Lack Thereof of the Redskins 3-1 Start

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I have spent this past week digging through so many football stats I started to dream of numbers spiraling through an immense blackness. I am filled with confusion at what all these numbers mean, what story they tell. A stat is useless unless it tells a story, contains meaning. The numbers I have looked at tell what has happened so far in the Redskins season. The numbers tell the story of a much improved team. The Redskins are a team who are controlling the game, but how much of an impact what has happened on what will happen remains a mystery.   

People smarter than me have compiled and analyzed these numbers against past history and against the strength of schedule to deduce that the Redskins have a 43.3% chance to make the playoffs. Before the season began most people would have guessed that percentage to be much closer to zero, and now it is just a bit below the odds of a coin flip. There are still those that say the Redskins have no shot at the playoffs, and this baffles me. I have never understood how some can make such declarative statements about something as unpredictable as sports. The Redskins 3-1 start is no fluke as they have outscored their opponents by a 20 point margin. Mostly on the strength of their defense.

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BREAKING: Rex Grossman Signs with ‘Skins

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Jason Reid just filed a report that Mike Shanahan has made another addition to his off-season collection of free agents. Rex Grossman, who quarterbacked the Chicago Bears to Super Bowl XLI before losing to Indianapolis in the big game during the 2006 season, has signed on with the ‘skins. Last season, Rex got in one game as the back-up to Matt Schaub in Houston, in which he threw nine passes: three caught by Texans, one caught by the defense. Washington’s offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, had been the OC in Houston at the time.

Go ahead and forget about picking up that Jimmy Clausen jersey, while many more developments are to come, this most likely means the hometown team will not be picking up a QB with their top ten pick in next month’s draft.