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Tweet of the Week: Ris

Photo courtesy of laura padgett
ris 10.21.10 – 6
courtesy of laura padgett
My favorite food dish at Ris is without question, Chef Ris Lacoste’s Scallop Margarita: lime marinated scallops with chilies, orange, avocado and tequila ice.  My second favorite thing about the restaurant is actually not food related, at least technically. That would be Ris’ Twitter account.

Behind the tweets is Natalie Christenson, Ris’ Events Manager & Communications Director. Up since August 2009, @RISDC interacts with its customers daily by posting some delicious looking pictures, polling diners on any menu changes, and really getting involved with the community.

Tweeting under the belief that people in general want to be heard, Christenson keeps interaction with “Twitter friends” more social than formal. “Chef Ris likes for our guests to feel like they are guests in her home for a dinner party, so I like to create a family feel with our social media as well,” she says.

The tweet that caught my attention this week was one that made me want to know more.

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