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Drink With (and For) the DC RollerGirls

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Tomorrow night the DC Rollergirls will host a send-off party at DC 9 in advance of their trip to the East Coast Derby Extravaganza (ECE) in Philly. Doors open at 8:30 and the $8 cover will go to support travel expenses for the team. Entertainment will be ample, with three live acts playing music and the opportunity to (turn back ye faint of heart!) arm wrestle the skaters.  The ECE tournament will see the DC All Stars compete to up their ranking (currently placed 12th) in the Eastern Region before their Regional tournament in September. If you’re in the City of Brotherly, or if you’re a die-hard RollerGirl fan, the ECE is two days of non-stop roller derby excitement. More than 90 leagues will be represented.

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DC Rollergirls Take On Charm City All-Stars


Since it looks like rain tomorrow, you might want to eschew the various outdoor Oktoberfests and head instead to Sterling to check out the DC Rollergirls as they take on the Charm City All-stars in a pre-season match. DC-based matches at the DC Armory start up on the 4th of October.

Good luck Rollergirls, give those Bal’mer girls something to say “hon” about.