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Arlington County to Smoke-Test Sewer Lines

In case you were wondering what that smoke coming from the sewer was, it’s intentional. The county is looking for leaks. From the Arlington Alert system:

Starting Tuesday, August 12, Arlington County will test its sanitary sewer system with smoke to detect leaks and cracks.

The testing, which will last through Monday, September 15, will be conducted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the area bounded on the north by Route 50, on the west by S. Wakefield Street, on the East by S. Highland Street and on the south by 22nd Street South.

Residents can expect to see workmen in their neighborhoods, and may see white smoke rising from the sanitary sewers, residential vent stacks and open drains. The smoke is odorless, harmless and does not stain. This is the fourth consecutive year the County has used such testing to detect defects in the sewer system.

For more information contact Allan Rowley with the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services at (703) 228-6542