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To School, Kiddies!

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’100 L Street, NW (demolished)’
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I’m sorry kids, but you’re going to have to go to school tomorrow.  March 19th was originally scheduled as a professional development day for teachers, meaning students didn’t have to go to school.  But, seeing as you got a few weeks of unforeseen vacation courtesy of mother nature, you don’t actually get tomorrow off. So, make sure you’re in school tomorrow, don’t don’t do crack, follow your dreams, etc….

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Vote for the Greenest School

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The Arlington Traditional School has been named one of 20 finalists in Walmart’s “Earth Day, Every Day School Challenge.” They’ve received a $500 gift card to continue their efforts and are now up for the grand prize. The school with the most votes wins $20,000 to further environmental projects.

To be fair, I’ve not read all the entries. But hey, these boys and girls are local. They recycle, they plant gardens, and best of all they’ve got a plan to reduce pollution in Lubber Run. Maybe they can take on the Alexandria waterfront next.

They have my vote!