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Help Stop Sex Trafficking in DC

Logo from YWTF-DC

Did you know that sex trafficking is a problem right here in DC? The answer to that question is most likely “no”. And that’s one big reason to save next Tuesday on your calendar. YWTF, Young Women’s Task Force of DC, is holding their annual fundraiser, Cheers to Choice, Tuesday, May 25th in NE DC. This year’s program focuses on the sex trafficking problem in DC and around the country. Funds raised at the event will go to support YWTF’s work throughout the year, as well as benefit Courtney’s House – a non-profit that provides safe housing for sex trafficked teenage girls in the DC area, an undeniably worthy cause. All in-kind donations will also go to Courtney’s House.

They’ve put together an interesting list of speakers on the topic to really raise awareness and socialize around the issue. Speakers include DC Council Member Phil Mendelson (invited), who will be talking about his own anti-human trafficking work in DC, Executive Directors of Courtney’s House and the Bridge to Freedom Foundation, as well as a Senior Policy Specialist at Polaris Project. You have to admire when a fundraiser is not just a chance to look pretty and feel good about yourself, it’s actually a chance to learn about an important and underexposed problem while helping to solve it at the same time.

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