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Featured Photo

Shirlington Oktoberfest by Amber Wilkie Photography

A photograph often evokes emotion in those that view it, however it isn’t necessarily the same emotion for everyone.  More than likely your soul is aglow with happiness as you look at this guy enjoying a beer on a sunny afternoon, wearing funny overalls and a smile that is no doubt a reflection of his lubricated contentment.  Yet I only feel deep sorrow, as I attended the real Oktoberfest celebration in Munich several weeks ago and am forced to draw comparisons.  To begin with the obvious, I’m sad that I’m now sitting behind a desk rather than visiting museums, strolling through the vast English Garden, and eating every imaginable type of pork product.  Not only do I feel sorry for myself, but I feel bad for the beer in this man’s hand.  It looks lonely and cheated as it should be surrounded by more beer in a much bigger mug.  I feel sorry for his arm as it should be getting tired from lifting a much heavier Maßkrug, and for his liver as it should be processing much more beer (likely of better quality).  I feel sorry for his ears which should be ringing from a nearby band and the loud singing of his drunken friends.  And his eyes?  His poor eyes.  They should be well distracted by beautiful girls packed into their dirndls.  Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to go cry in my currywurst.

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Mystery Object Found in Shirlington

Shirlington Mystery Object

I was waiting on a friend in Shirlington the other day when I saw this contraption. Anybody have an idea what it is? It is rather reminiscent of things I remember from history class, like stocks and pillories. In fact, the first thing I thought when I saw it was a photo I recalled from the Boxer Rebellion. No joke.

Anyway, hopefully this is some sort of useful device under construction, and not a form of public humiliation for lawbreakers, although honestly I don’t think that would be so bad. Any thoughts?

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Where We Live: Shirlington

Photo courtesy of
‘Village at Shirlington’
courtesy of ‘Arlington County’

Welcome back to Where We Live, your bi-weekly tour through neighborhoods in and around the District. This week: Shirlington and Fairlington! For those of you whose understanding of the DC area relies on a Metro map, you might not be too familiar with this area. But you’re missing out!  While there’s no Metro station nearby, this is a very cool area filled with plenty to do.

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Free WiFi All Over Arlington

Photo courtesy of
‘Got my netbook. Got my coffee. This is my office. I’m happy’
courtesy of ‘Ed Yourdon’

Let’s see a show of hands as to how many of you love free wifi? Now keep those hands up if you knew that Arlington provides free wifi in most of the busy, populated outdoor areas of the county! What? Nobody knew? Well now you do! While wifi coverage for Shirlington village was just added this summer, the busy outdoor areas from Court House to Clarendon on Wilson and Clarendon Blvds have been covered for a number of years now. Most large Arlington libraries, as well as the Walter Reed Community Center, also provide free service. I just can’t believe most people don’t know about this! (Which included myself until recently.)  Details from Arlington County are here. For a post on where to find free wifi all over, check here.