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Food & Friends Hosts Annual Slice of Life Thanksgiving Pie Sale

Photo courtesy of ekelly80
courtesy of ekelly80

The turkey’s not cooked through, you’re scrambling to mash extra potatoes for the in-laws who RSVP’d last minute for dinner, and you could have sworn you had ground nutmeg in your cart when you checked out at the grocery store, but now it’s nowhere to be found. Does this Thanksgiving nightmare sound like a familiar scenario to you? Let Food & Friends cover dessert for you this year.

The DC nonprofit has a goal of delivering more than 3,500 turkeys this year to residents in DC and parts of Maryland and Virginia who are living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other critical illnesses. To raise funds, Food & Friends is hosting their annual Thanksgiving Pie Day sale and is aiming to sell 7,600 pies total.

Pies start at $25 each and this year’s selection includes homemade apple pies, spiced pumpkin pies, pecan pies and US Airways Almond Maretto brownies. For those of you that opt for the brownies, you receive a chance to win a $1,200 US Airways gift card. Each pie purchase provides one full day of meals to a Food & Friends client.

Pie sales end on November 15th and pre-purchased pies can be picked up on Tuesday, November 20th at Food & Friends or at one of 28 CVS locations throughout the area.

For more information on buying or selling pies or to purchase one online, go to

Food and Drink, The Daily Feed

Food & Friends Annual Slice of Life Pie Sale

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courtesy of ‘ekelly80’

Rather than stress over dessert this Thanksgiving, you can leave the pie baking to someone else and help a good cause.

Food & Friends is hosting their annual Slice of Life pie sale to help feed their clients throughout the city. Food & Friends is a nonprofit organization in DC that provides meals, groceries and nutrition counseling to individuals living with life-challenging illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. Buy one pie and you’ll be providing a full day of meals to a Food & Friends client.

This year’s five flavors include pecan pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, apple crumb pie and a US Airways sky pie (a chocolate-covered cheesecake). All pies are $25, with the exception of the US Airways pie which is $40. And if you’re curious about how the pies taste, you can stop by downtown Silver Spring on November 9th from 11:30 AM til 1:30 PM or at Friendship Heights on November 12th from 12 PM til 2 PM to try free samples.

You can place your pie order any time before midnight on November 17th. You can pick up your pies from 26 different locations from 11 AM til 8 PM on November 22nd.