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Sno-cones and Skeeball Tonight

Live, Work, Create by gorbomb

If you’re wondering what to do tonight, look no further than Play-Live-Work, a fun event to promote a design competition that could earn you $500!  The idea is to come up with a cool way to use a space as both a home and a workplace.  If your design wins, you get 500 bucks and your design will be staged in a Solea condo at 14th & Florida Ave NW.  Read more about it and enter at Define Live-Work.

But wait, there’s more!  Tonight’s event is sponsored by The Pink Line Project and will feature spinning by DJ Gold, sno-cones, a ring toss, Krazy Kans, a big mouth toss, and skeeball.  Seriously, sno-cones and skeeball?  In the heart of DC?  If that doesn’t have you hooked, I don’t know what will.

July 21, 6 to 8pm
1405 Florida Avenue NW