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Key Bridge Snow Removal

Photo courtesy of
‘M Street from Roof’
courtesy of ‘Julie Fraker’

If you’re wondering why there’s a ridiculous amount of traffic along M Street, it’s because the DCPD and DDOT are bulldozing the snow build up on Key Bridge.  When I passed about 10 minutes ago, the removal was only affecting the traffic heading towards Virginia, but I’m assuming they’ll tackle the east bound side later. No westbound traffic was being allowed to cross the bridge and all traffic was being directed towards Canal Road.

If you have an alternative route, I suggest you take it because the traffic looked horrendous.

<a href=’′ title=’M Street from Roof’><img src=’’ alt=’Photo courtesy of ‘Julie Fraker’/></a><br/><small><a href=’′>’M Street from Roof'</a></small><br/><small>courtesy of <a href=’’>’Julie Fraker'</a></small>