Talkin' Transit

Talkin’ Transit: Moving While Sitting Still

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‘Student in Computer Room, 1981′
courtesy of ‘LSE Library’

It’s only fitting that on a day where you need an ark, or at least a kayak, in order to make it to the office, we’re going to look at telecommuting.

I get to telecommute once or twice a week. I don’t do it out of any sense that it’s better for the environment or other green reasons. I do it because the company I work for lets me, and it’s a lot more convenient to be on a 7 a.m. conference call from my sofa. That’s right, most of my telecommuting days are marked by constant calls. By the time I’m done with the first or second, I don’t have enough time to hit the shower and get to the office. By the time I do have time to do that, it’s 1 p.m. and not worth the trip.

The ability to telecommute is one of the perks of my job. In addition to my regular one or two days a week, I can choose to stay at home if the Metro or roads are having a meltdown. That adds to my sanity and keeps me happy on days I’d otherwise have gone mental.
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