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We Love Music: The Hundred in the Hands @ Rock and Roll Hotel — 6/19/12



Sometimes, it’s easy to look at the lineup of a band, listen to a few tunes, and figure out pretty much everything about them — what sort of music they play, who their influences are, and what sort of people listen to them.

Then there are bands that are tough to pigeonhole. Take The Hundred in the Hands for example. They played a pretty rocking show at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Tuesday, June 19. Listening to their albums, you get a strong dose of icy dreampop, lovely, textured, but generally a little on the slow side. The cool voice of Eleanore Everdell over her own synthesizer chills yet thrills on the albums as the distinguishing feature of the band.

But in concert, guitarist Jason Friedman is a force to be reckoned with. He’s not on stage to play dreamy low-key guitar riffs. (Okay, he is there to do that occasionally, and he does so exceptionally well.) But he really seems like he wants to rock out non-stop at every opportunity and when he does so, The Hundred in the Hands become a full-blown dance project.

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Hot Ticket: The Hundred in the Hands @ Rock and Roll Hotel, 6/19/12

Photo courtesy of rockzoom_de
The Hundred In The Hands – 25.05.2012 #11
courtesy of rockzoom_de

Brooklyn-based dream-poppers The Hundred in the Hands have a second album, Red Night, and they are touring on it at the Rock and Roll Hotel tonight. They have what I consider perfect symmetry: one man on a guitar and one woman on a synthesizer. And they appear to have added more layers and textures to their sound since their first album release two years ago.

Tickets are available online or at the door for $10. Openers include DC-based Dance for the Dying and vorhees of New York City.