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It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Almost Here!

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‘Twilight candy’
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I didn’t see the 2008 blockbuster Twilight in the theater. In fact, like many non-tweens, I pretty much missed all the hype/hubbub surrounding its release. I figured it was one of those Miley Cyrus/Hanana Montana movies, and lord knows I’d never go anywhere near that crap. But then one wintry Saturday night, when I had had a little too much to drink the night before, and my roommates were headed out for the evening, and I’d have the place all to myself I ordered it On Demand and, to my embarrassment, got hooked. To redeem myself a bit, I’ll note that all I did was watch the film (albeit 2-3 times), but I have not purchased any of the books or paraphernalia.

However, I will be seeing the sequel New Moon in theaters this Friday. Yes, I’m actually willing to pay the $12, so I’m expecting an angst-filled, action-packed, highly entertaining movie that will leave me dying to see the next film Eclipse.

Like most blockbusters, local theaters are showing the new movie from The Twilight Saga starting at 12:01am Friday morning (Thursday night), of note is AMC’s Georgetown Theater which will show the movie in all of it 6 theaters.  At least, I’m not SO desperate to see it that I’ll lose hours of my precious sleep.