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Fire In The Sky, Thunder In Your Ears

Photo courtesy of
‘Thunderstorm over Villa Adelina’
courtesy of ‘Maluilo’

Boy oh boy did DC get her share of nature’s greatest light show last night.

If you didn’t see it, you might’ve been sleeping. But if you didn’t hear it, then I’m jealous because I’m a light sleeper and you’re not.

This November weather rarity was explained by NBC4 Meteorologist Tom Kierien: a front from the Midwest picked up speed while moving through the mid-Atlantic region, generating isolated thunderstorms with frequent lightening. This is odd during the post-spring/summer months due to cool temperatures, but somehow the airspace above our fair city provided enough lift to create the rainy show we were treated to on Thursday night.

Sounds good to me. I mean, it could be worse: below 30 and snowing! (Knock on wood.)