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Palladio Exhibit Opens At NBM

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‘Capitol – Cloud City’s Cousin – 07-09-10’ courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

The Italian Renaissance master Andrea Palladio was, and remains to be, incredibly influential for many architects and designers.  Although he is best known for his publications, and was highly coveted in the Architecture scene throughout Europe, Palladio did manage to make a strong impression on a certain famous American.  Thomas Jefferson loved Palladianism and found his inspiration there for Monticello, the Virginia State Capitol.  Our beautiful U.S. Capitol building is also an example of a Palladian format.

Palladio and His Legacy:  A Transatlantic Journey opens today at the National Building Museum and will share “31 rare drawings” from the collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects Trust.

The National Building Museum is located at 401 F Street NW.