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Veep: A Show That Ends A Run of Mediocre Shows About DC

Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes
courtesy of Elvert Barnes

Ever since Jed Bartlet presided over the White House of The West Wing, there hasn’t been a television show about Washington that really captured the hearts and minds of its locals. West Wing DVD sets are a staple of many DC video shelves and many of my friends go as far as to follow President Bartlet on Twitter. Ever since the show went off the air in 2006 there hasn’t been a show that could overcome DC’s discerning tastes towards how our city is portrayed in TV and movies.

No show has been good enough to distract us from the fact it’s portraying DC 100% accurately.

As much as we love indulging our geographical egos in watching shows and films that are set in DC, we also enjoy the ruthless dissection of every single inaccuracy of The District that occurs. Whether it is the attempt to double Chicago for DC in Transformers 3 or simply making up Metro stations in 24. As actual residents of the immediate area, we love to pull out the “that’s not really there/that doesn’t exist/I’ve totally been there” card. We’ve all been guilty of it, even me.

When a lecturer is not interesting, we start to realize he missed a spot shaving. When a show doesn’t fully entertain us, we start to notice the scene on the Metro is actually on a NYC subway car.

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