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Oh, Crap: Touring Arlington’s Water Pollution Control Plant

‘The merry band heads to the solids building’, courtesy of ‘mtngirl9999′

You might not think that many people would want to spend a Saturday morning in the sewer. At least I didn’t.

But when, in a fit of green curiosity, I tried to sign up for a tour of Arlington’s Water Pollution Control Plant last December, I was put on a waiting list. There were only 40 spots available on the tour, and 100 people–yes, 100 people–had already signed up.

So I snagged a coveted spot on the next tour, which also drew the interest of 100 wanna-be gawkers. (Another tour will take place this Saturday, or you can see a short video online.) I showed up even though the confirmation notice was a bit unnerving, saying, “Arrive adventure ready!” What adventures could happen in a place like that?

Wish you’d been there, too? Let’s satisfy your inquiring mind. This is what happens after you flush. Continue reading