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Looking for a New Career?

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It’s a federal holiday today, but if you’re in the private sector like me, you’re probably spending the day at work. While everyone else is out enjoying a day off, maybe it’s time for us to consider a new career field? Luckily, US News & World Report just released the top fifty careers for 2010. I guess I’ll stay where I am though, since my career is on the list.

On the other end of the spectrum, here are the hardest-hit jobs of 2009. Surprisingly, these are jobs like architects and pilots and construction workers, rather than what I was expexcting (um, journalists). There are also some conflicts between these lists (“Computer Software Engineer” is listed as one of the fastest-growing jobs in first piece, but one that is experiencing offshoring in the second piece).

Maybe Teatro Goldoni should add architects and pilots to their journalist all-you-can-drink special.