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WPA SynchroSwim at the Capitol Skyline Hotel

Fluid Movement by Max Cook

One of my favorite organizations, the Washington Project for the Arts, continues to stoke the fire under the DC creative community.  Between hosting stimulating exhibits at their headquarters, curating performance art shows, and organizing art parades, they’re adding some hot sauce to our otherwise bland burritos.  On Sunday evening, in collaboration with the Rubell Family Collection and Conner Contemporary Art, the WPA scorched our taste buds with the second annual synchronized swimming performance competition known as SynchroSwim, a spectacle not to be missed.  Teams performed choreographed routines in the Capitol Skyline Hotel pool and were awarded prizes in three categories: best performance, best visual spectacle, and crowd favorite.

This year’s contestants consisted of some snake charmers from Baltimore, four Van Halen loving, popsicle throwing hotties, an aquatic percussion band sporting road flares, and an oil slick.  Yes, you truly had to be there, and I insist that you go (and participate!) next summer.  Needless to say it was the highlight of my weekend.  More photos after the jump!

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I Love a Parade

the art parade by kenyee

Have you ever been to an art parade?  I haven’t either, but if I ask you again on Sunday your answer had better be, “Hell yes I’ve been to an art parade! I went to one yesterday, the WPArade!”  Sure we’ve all seen the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a small town main street parade, and possibly even a gay pride parade, but art parades are a little harder to come by nowadays.  However this Saturday June 5th at noon, the Washington Project for the Arts will be putting on “an extravaganza of artists connecting with community to create a moving visual spectacle of art and culture”.

The parade route starts near Nationals Park at M Street SE and ends at The Bullpen, stopping midway for performances.  The current list of participating artists include Floating Lab Collective, Glade Dance Collective, Irvine Contemporary Art, and many more.  It’s not to late to participate yourself though!  Contact Kristina using the contact info at the bottom of this link.

And on that note I leave you with a performance of “I Love a Parade” on the Judy Garland Show, circa 1963.  They just don’t make TV like this anymore, probably for good reason.

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