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We Love Drinks (& Arts! & Music!): “X in DC”

"X in DC" by irrezolut, on Flickr

"X in DC, November 2008" by irrezolut, on Flickr

Friends had been trying to get me to check out “X in DC” at BeBar for a while. “It has everything you like!” they raved, “Electronica! Arts! Bellydancing!” I finally got around to the last event on November 15th, and it was definitely a case of truth in advertising. Sometimes you need a little more from your night out than the usual bar experience. “X in DC” aims to blur the boundaries between different artistic disciplines by bringing them together to collaborate or compete, depending on the evening, and this synergy makes for a constant display of creativity. It’s also just plain fun.

It doesn’t hurt that “X in DC” takes place at BeBar, one of the sexiest lounges in DC. A long room lined with a bar on one side and pillow-tossed banquettes on the other, it’s all anchored by a small stage that morphs into a dance floor later on. BeBar survived a somewhat rough birth in Shaw when a local church tried to block its opening back in 2006, but I’m glad they toughed it out and two years later it remains a gorgeous space. The design is simple yet elegant, the lighting delicately flattering, and the drinks menu dangerous. Not to mention, no attitude from the door or the bar. Continue reading