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Great Brookland Yard Sale This Saturday

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Growing up, I remember when the big church yard sales would hit in the Springtime. Local charitable organizations would partner with a church, and the big yard sale weekend would hit, and everyone would be a junk trader for a couple of hours, decluttering their houses and recluttering them with new fun junk. This weekend, a whole neighborhood in DC is going to emulate that by firing up the Great Brookland Yard Sale on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Houses all over Brookland (look at the map below) will be participating in the grand mission to get rid of their awesome junk.

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The Brookland Blog has a great guide to navigating the big sale. Check it out! In case of rain, it’ll happen Sunday, same time.

Foggy Bottom, The Daily Feed

Foggy Bottom Yard Sale

I stopped by this little yard sale in Foggy Bottom this morning to chat with the lady of the house and give her terrier a pat. (833 New Hampshire Ave NW if you want to check it out) She has one every year to clear out junk, and there was extra cool stuff this time around because her newlywed son had just moved. We got to talking about how nice the neighborhood is, and how home prices have swung, and how they used to cook everything in gelatin and aspic back in the 60s.

The weekly Foggy Bottom Farmers Market will be there too this afternoon, so you might want to drop by. I snagged a couple of books.