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Silence in the City: Where To Go To Get Away

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‘Have A Seat’
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A lot happens in our great town: art shows, meetups, happy hours, plays, lectures, new exhibits opening, old exhibits closing, book signings, breakfast meetings, brunches, power lunches, fundraisers, forums, playdates, baseball games, midnight movies, networking, tweetups, talks, tours—heck, even our skeeball and kickball games are organized nearly to death. And then you’ve got e-mails, Twitter feeds, friends, half the blogs in the city, Groupon, Goldstar, the Going Out Gurus, and mailing lists from every nonprofit, theater company and neighborhood book store whose website you ever even thought about visiting, all telling you about this Great, Exciting Can’t-Miss Event! going on. So you fill your iCal, shut down your office computer at 6:00, and trudge onto a packed Metro platform, elbowing your way onto a four-car train that’s 20 minutes late and already loaded 1,000 other worker bees and 1,000 tourists and their 1,000 screaming kids, most of whom are way too big for that stroller that just ran over your toe, and you head out to that event, determined to fill your evening hours with something interesting and important. And then you do it again the next night.

DC: Stop. Take a breath. Calm. Down. Put away the smartphone. We’re here to help. Continue reading

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Love Of The Pretty

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Sometimes, when I’m feeling overwhelmed and aggravated by my day, I go in our Flickr Finder (this cool tool that the WLDC author list uses to find the pictures we use for posts, thanks Don!) and I just look at pretty pictures of DC. Our flickr contributors are awesome, and it’s a nice break. I don’t care that this is cheesy, it’s my thing. It makes me feel better. It puts me in my zen place.

Today is particularly hellish, and I didn’t get to go to the high heel race yesterday, stupid rain, and it’s all wet and gross outside, and I miss the weekend. So between you and me? I’m cranks. I took a little time with our flickr finder (ommmmmm) and I had a nice little moment of transcendence. And then I thought that maybe you guys could use a little pick me up of pretty too. So, if you’ve got the doldrums, here are a few of my favorites, just randomly, just for you, just today. Cause even when the day is going to hell in a handbasket, we still live in the best city, EVAR. So, without further ado, here is DC in all her glory: Katie’s-day-sucks style. Continue reading