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How Do You Say Your Zip Code?

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‘Postcard to President Obama at 350 International Day of Climate Action in San Francisco’
courtesy of ‘Steve Rhodes’

Here in DC, our residential zip codes look like this: 200XX.  Simple enough, but for many of us it leads to a mouthful.  I typically abbreviate my 20005 zip code as “two triple-o five” when I give it over the phone, but this generally leads to hesitation/confusion by whoever is entering it.  A friend of mine in Dupont says his 20037 zip code as “two hundred and thirty-seven”, which I say is just plain WRONG– that’s a three-digit number, not a zip code.  Similarly, a friend who lives in Capitol Hill says her 20003 zip code as “two thousand and three”, which I think is misleading because it sounds like 2003.

So, has anyone found a good way of conveying your zip code orally without having to say “zero-zero-zero” in the middle?