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Best/Worst Halloween 2010 Costumes Part 3: Zombies

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‘Baby zombie!!!’
courtesy of ‘erin m’

Zombies invaded DC last week and remained in town through the Halloween festivities. It seemed like everywhere I looked there was some sort of zombied out crew stumbling down the street or up to the bar for a drink.

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‘On our way to Zombie Prom’
courtesy of ‘spiggycat’

Have you ever wanted to make like a zombie and chase tourists around Chinatown?  Well, tomorrow, you may just get that chance.  A group called “DC Defenstrators ” is hosting a massive Zombie Raid on Saturday afternoon.  The idea is to get a bunch of Washingtonians together and then have them proceed around the city staggering like zombies and moaning about brains.  The raid will begin tomorrow at 4:30 in Franklin Park.  Participants are encouraged to wear realistic, zombie clothing, although makeup and fake blood are strictly optional.  The Zombie thespians will be given directions as to where to proceed and the fun will begin.  According to the Facebook invite, over 500 people are supposed to participate, giving this the potential for epic status.  I think I’m in.