March Concert Preview

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‘Estelle :: Paramount Theater :: 01.08.09’
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Man, March really snuck up on me! There I was, just getting settled into a dreary February, and then all of the sudden here comes the promise of warmer, springtime weather and sweet, sweet music to accompany it.

Head out to Wolf Trap for The Bird and the Bee (w/ Obi Best) on Wednesday, March 4 ($20) for digital-sounding jams with airy vocals on top. They were recently on Ellen performing “Love Letter to Japan,” which is one of my faves.

Catch Common at the 9:30 Club ($35) Wednesday, March 11. I can’t help it, I love this guy’s voice, plus he has a killer sense of style. Those caps he wears? Yes, please.

Clem Snide first appeared on my radar after they opened for Ben Folds back in the day, but they’re headlining Saturday, March 14 at Iota ($14).

Sunday, March 15 brings Estelle to the 9:30 Club ($35). I know you’ve heard that “American Boy” song she did with Kanye, but her other stuff is soulful yet poppy–a great combination.

And who’s excited about the one and only Britney Spears hitting up the Verizon Center with The Pussycat Dolls (who else?) on Tuesday, March 24? (Ticket prices too obscene to mention)

I don’t know about you, but an “intimate acoustic evening” with Brandi Carlile at The Birchmere Thursday, March 26 ($30) sounds good to me. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s all rainbows and lollipops with Ms. Carlile, though–she’ll whip out the angry girl on you in songs like “The Story.”

DC boys Deleted Scenes will be at Black Cat on Saturday, March 28 ($12) for some good, down home indie rock. If nothing else, I’d go to see if their drummer still has that massive beard. Seriously, that thing is out of control.

Did I miss anything you’re super excited about for March? Post it in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “March Concert Preview

  1. Local band The.Blackout.District will be headlining at the Rock & Roll Hotel on Thursday, March 19. They describe themselves as “Electro-Glitch-Synth-Rock”; I describe them as being like Radiohead with a female singer and less whiny angst. Plus a melodica. Good stuff.

  2. Mi Ami is based in San Francisco, but has members who come from DC and used to be in the popular Discord band Black Eyes.

    They will be at Velvet Lounge with Food for Animals – though I would probably opt to see them up at Floristree in Baltimore with Baltimore-based Thank You.

    Either way, Mi Ami is good in a jagged, humid, sort-of-jammy-but-still-cool way. Like Abe Vigoda crossed with… well, Black Eyes, I suppose.