We Love Weekends: July 11-12

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The weather this weekend looks to be pretty good, with some chance of a popup thunderstorm both days. What are our authors up to? Here’s the account…

Ben R: We’ll be celebrating my newfound return to the land of employment with a nice dinner over in Penn Quarter, probably either Zaytinya, Jaleo, Matchbox or Poste. If the weather holds well, we’ll probably be taking our cameras out down to Mount Vernon; they’ve got their National Treasure tour still going on, but more awesomely, the wheat harvest has begun and they’ll be doing demonstrations throughout the summer. If the weather tanks, then it’ll most likely be a “Washington DC movie night,” where we’ll pick a few movies out that were filmed / set in DC and proceed to either identify locations or snark them for poor representation.

Jenn: Who cares if the forecast is calling for evening rain this weekend? The W Hotel Washington is open, you should hit the POV rooftop bar (there is an enclosed section that’s superswank) and relax while the thunder rolls. Or check out H Street’s newest bar, Little Miss Whiskey’s, which finally opens after last week’s liquor license snafu. Hit a few crazy plays at the Capital Fringe Festival. Me? I finally bought a bike! I’m hitting the trails! So if you see a girl with a bike that’s way cooler than she is, constantly falling off and cursing, that would be me. Get out of the way before I get hurt.

Katie: I am very type-A, and usually very scheduled, but this weekend is looking pretty wide open for me, for once. I’m doing pool time, of course, as last week’s pool-a-palooza got rained out. Before that I’m headed to brunch to catch up with a friend, probably at Boulevard Woodgrill, Tallula (), or another Orangington eat place. Sunday afternoon my bocce team will be holding our first official practice and doing our best to follow the rules set out by the DC Bocce League in preparation for total bocce world domination.

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Tom: Well, with my beloved (yet awfully pathetic) Nationals on the road, I’ll probably be looking to do some bike riding on the WO&D Trail right after I hit the Courthouse Farmers Market. Tiff and I have really enjoyed meeting the folks from Willow who cook there on the weekends, so we might catch dinner there.

Jasmine: I am dying to get to the Corcoran this weekend. Not only is it my last chance to see the Maya Lin exhibition, but that William Eggleston show sounds fantastic. Plus, they’re doing that free summer Saturdays promotion, with a docent tour of their permanent gallery highlights this Saturday at 12. How could I say no?

Shannon: This weekend my triathlon training continues, with an open water swim at Sandy Point State Park in Maryland. However, after Don’s post about Chesapeake Bay water quality, I’m a little less excited about it (and will be cancelling that training if it rains beforehand!). Assuming I survive the swim in the Chesapeake Bay, I’m planning to celebrate Alexandria’s 260th Birthday out at Oronoco Park on Saturday evening– there will be birthday cake, music, and fireworks!

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Don: Summer brings such an explosion of craft shows that sometimes my darling wife and I even venture outside the beltway to exhibit at one. This Saturday and Sunday we’ll take our van full of Nice Mirrors and exhibit at the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival at the Reston Town Center. Come on out and buy something. After you do you can get on the bone marrow registry – one of their events is at the festival.

Rebecca: It’s been a long week back from the holiday weekend, so it’s only fair we treat ourselves to some nice things. For starters why not a nice dinner at Olives? Let Executive Chef Todd English melt you into your TGIF with his tuna tartare and wood grilled sirloin. Add a martini to that? Why not!!! I’m hearing it’s going to be a rainy weekend, so that gels perfectly (along with Friday’s martini) with reminding myself what happened on the last season of AMC’s Mad Men. You can watch all of Season 1 and 2 on Comcast’s On Demand FOR FREE!!! If the bad weather holds off Saturday, hit up the Bethesda Artist Walk. Filled with the crafts, glassworks, jewelry, paintings, etc., this is a great event to see what local artists are up to and possibly purchase some unique gifts or decoration for your abodes. Sunday lounge around, take a walk around your hood to see what’s new, and treat yourself to an ice cream at these local shops. You deserve it!

Tiffany: If there’s anything I’ve learned from my Bollywood class, aside from the limp step and a couple of Hindi vocabulary words, it’s that there’s nothing like a good dance class to wash away the stress of the week. An hour in a room, cell phone turned off, sweating to a song sung in a language you don’t speak, with no time to think about anything except what step comes next, is a great way to forget about it all for a while. Every Sunday, there’s a day-long adventure in international dance styles at the Chevy Chase Ballroom. There’s tango, salsa, capoeira (which is OMG SO HOT), and the day is capped off with a little practice of the “Thriller” dance. You know, in case you haven’t gotten enough MJ this week.

I live and work in the District of Columbia. I write at We Love DC, a blog I helped start, I work at Technolutionary, a company I helped start, and I’m happy doing both. I enjoy watching baseball, cooking, and gardening. I grow a mean pepper, keep a clean scorebook, and wash the dishes when I’m done. Read Why I Love DC.

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  1. Okay, sorry everybody, but apparently Little Miss Whiskey’s grand opening is delayed again this week. I’m beginning to think the place is a mirage. One day…