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Mohamed El Hosseny, courtesy of Saffron Dance

Sometimes I pinch myself, being so lucky to live here. There are many incredible opportunities available to us, it’s a bit overwhelming! You can learn about different cultures every week, sampling a bit of the world.

As I’m currently studying bellydance at Saffron Dance, I’m learning more about Middle Eastern culture, dance and music. One area I’m not familiar with at all is the tradition of male dancers. Luckily, Saffron is hosting Master Egyptian Dancer and Choreographer Mohamed El Hosseny next weekend, his first time in the US. An expert in the folkloric dances of the Suez – known as Simsimiyya – El Hosseny has been the male soloist for the Egyptian Reda Troupe and is renown for his interpretations of folk dances. I’m really intrigued to see him at their Summer Gala performance on Sunday August 16 at Marrakesh. He’ll join Saffron’s student dance companies and faculty in a night that is bound to be exhilarating. Tickets are $45 (which includes the usual four-course Moroccan feast).

If you’re a student of dance, then it’s not just the performance that will inspire you – El Hosseny is also giving three master class workshops (beginner through advanced, so no worries if you’re just starting out like me).


Mohamed El Hosseny, courtesy of Saffron Dance

On Friday August 14 he’ll teach classic Oriental Choreography, Saturday will focus on his specialty of Egyptian Folklore, and Sunday will finish off with Oriental Fusion. It’s basically a tour through all the major styles of Middle Eastern dance, giving you a flavor of each, and is a fantastic opportunity for expanding your bellydance repertoire.

So, you can either just sit back and enjoy the view at the gala at Marrakesh on Sunday, or further your dance technique at the workshops next weekend. Or, immerse yourself completely and experience them all. Any way you choose, the infectious joy of the dance will delight you.

Saffron Dance
3260 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22205
703-276-BELLY (2355)
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