We Love Weekends, 8/15-8/16

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Mmm, weekend. I am so ready for one. With Congress out of town, my commute is easy and I’m thinking it’s time to laze around with some sunscreen and a good book. Here’s what we’ve got going on this weekend:

Max: I’ll be headed to Rehoboth for the first time ever. My plan is to have no plan while I’m there, but it will probably involve basking in the sun, catching up on my reading, playing with my camera, and avoiding the arrival of Monday morning as best I can. If I were staying in town I’d most likely catch a flick at the E Street Cinema, try to find a tennis partner, and make up for the fact that I haven’t had a drink in almost two weeks.

Ben R: This weekend will be a lazy one, a pool of quiet for us to recharge. Had we the time and energy, we would’ve knocked the rust of our ballroom dancing skills so we could hit the Jane Austen Ball at Gadsby’s Tavern on Saturday. Sunday will probably see us hit a local theater for a showing of District 9. Knowing us we’ll want to go somewhere near some good eats, most likely trying our luck with Gallery Place so we can have some tapas at Jaleo. Afterward we’ll probably swing by Proof for some quality downtime.

Tom: Weekends in August mean fresh corn and peaches.  Unfortunately, it also means a mail server migration.  So while I hope to make it out to get a batch of corn to make corn & bean soup, it’s more likely I’ll be slaving away over a hot server.  In the evenings, though, I intend to hit the movies pretty hard, as both District 9 and The Goods come out this weekend.  Perhaps dinner at Columbia Firehouse for another of their excellently delicious Robert E. Lee Roys might come to pass, or perhaps it will be a long session with Bells’ Oberon at RFD before it goes out of style in late September.

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Rebecca: I’m out of the country this weekend. However if I were here, I would definitely take a trip to Alexandria to hit up Union Street Public House knife sharping.  My cutlery is in MAJOR need of some serious professional (i.e. not my bf’s) sharping skills. I wonder if they sharpen tweezers? Which I’ve just learned need to be sharpen–who would have thought!  I’d also be hitting up SMB-XIII DC’s 13th Annual Summer Masquerade Ball, even though I’m kind of creeped out by the promotional materials.  Saturday I’d stop in at the Black Cat for the 10th Anniversary of their Mousetrap-Brit Dance Night, featuring The Smiths, Blur, the Buzzcock and other randy/cheeky tunes.

Carl: On Saturday I will be making a nice Southern feast for some friends, including collards, blackeyed peas, rice, chocolate and pecan pies and mint juleps. Because let’s get real – you can’t get a decent mint julep in this town unless you make it yourself. On Sunday I will visit my friend Bruce in the morning and then head downtown to mock the tourists posing for photos in such a way as to hold up the Washington Monument. If you don’t like mocking tourists, go check out the Eggleston exhibit at the Corcoran while the free Saturday admissions last. It’s a beautiful show.

Karl: Friday I’m going to do something that seemingly every person in DC has done except me – head to the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden for Jazz in the Garden. I’ve heard the horror stories of overcrowding, and there is a chance of the sky opening up and soaking us…but I’m staying positive! In case I don’t have enough to drink Friday night, I’ll start Saturday off right by going to McFadden’s for the Arlington Young Democrats flip-cup tournament fundraiser. Sunday sounds like a great time to not drink, relax and maybe grab brunch at Liberty in Clarendon.

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Ben S: My parents will be in town this weekend, so there will be quite a bit of tour guide on my schedule, as we try to find some unique Washington sights we haven’t visited before. I’m thinking perhaps we’ll have a Lincoln theme and visit Lincoln’s Cottage, as well as the renovated Ford’s Theatre. Once they’ve headed out Sunday afternoon, I’ll be catching up on some summer movies, checking out The Hurt Locker and Moon.

Katie: Jasmine and I have been alternately out of town for almost a month now, and the separation anxiety has been almost too much for me to bear. Luckily, we’re celebrating our backtogetherness, as well as summer beer, firefly vodka, the month of August, and all things good and right with the world by throwing a party on Saturday night. In preparation for that, I’m on the hunt for some delicious, quality shrimp. While Whole Foods may have to suffice, I’m determined to check out the Maine Avenue Fish Market in SouthWest, or hit up America Seafood out Lee Highway (who, coincidentally, happens to have outstanding pie, I hear). Other than partying my face off, I’ll also be brunching. (Does it ever end? No!) I successfully landed always-coveted reservations at Tabard Inn, and am already stoked about fresh cinnamon and sugar doughnuts. While all that may be enough to handle, I’m still considering an appearance at Spike’d Sundays at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, since my shrimp hunt will prevent me from hitting up this week’s BYT summer camp.

Jenn: Dancing mayhem is the name of the game this weekend. Yay! Friday night I’ll polish up my costume design skills by glittering myself up for the Summer Masquerade Ball (can’t believe it’s the 13th one!) always a crazy fun time. I may also hit the eclectic Re:sonance DJs at Jimmy Valentine’s, if my silver shoes can keep on dancing. Saturday’s choices include Rock and Roll Hotel’s Third Year Anniversary Party and Dutch Oven Burlesque at Palace of Wonders. Sunday? After naptime it’s off to Marrakesh for Saffron Dance’s Gala with Mohamed El Hosseny. Whew.

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Kirk: As I make my weekly pilgrimage to Eastern Market on Saturday morning, I’ll have pork on the brain.  I’ve found that the meat stands there have astoundingly good prices on chops, bacon, feet, shoulder, ribs, and basically every other part of the pig.  Other than that, the new season of Mad Men premiers on Sunday, which I will be celebrating by picking up some bourbon and gin from Schneiders of Capitol Hill to make old timey drinks with.

Acacia: I’ll be returning from a quick NYC jaunt (one night only! just like off-broadway) to cheer on my roommate Alex and friends as they run their second triathlon: the Luray Triathalon-Sprint 2009 in Luray, VA. The tri requires completion of a 750 meter swim, a 16.5 mile bike and a 5K run. If all goes well, one of said friends will compete in October in the Giant Acorn International 2009.. That features as 1500 meter swim, a 40K bike and a 10K run. If you’re interested in finding a tri to run, check out the Virginia Tri Finder. Because triathlons are clearly the new marathon. Sunday night I’ll wrap up the weekend by tagging along with roomie to a concert by Amy Ray, one half of the indigo girls, at the Black Cat.

Corinne: With my weekend plans just recently thrown for a loop, I will likely be sticking around town to soak up some swampy DC rays at my building’s rooftop pool and to catch up with some folks before the summer completely slips away. Also the live music options are endless—from Jones Street Station with Junior League Band at Black Cat and Langhorne Slim at Baltimore’s Ottobar to a “Woodstock 40th Anniversary Tribute Concert” on the Mall Saturday (could be a hoot!) and bluegrass Sunday afternoon at H Street NE’s laid-back Sova.

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Don: My darling wife and I are going to brave the bay bridge and head out to Ocean City to spend a little time in the sun. The drive always takes a little longer than it has to because of my insistence on going through the toll booths on the far right, but around this time last year people suddenly stopped teasing me about my aversion to being in the one eastbound lane on the north span. Once there we’ll hit the beaches, eat crabs and take a little time to go to Assateague and see the ponies. My only regret in going is that we’re going to miss the Girls Rock! DC Showcase at the 930 on Saturday. What could be more awesome than watching a bunch of kids who are amped up about music rocking out for the crowd? The next Bad Brains will no doubt be up on that stage and I’m gonna miss it….

Paulo: I’m going to Pentagon City Costco to replenish our emergency backup water, thanks to a water main break Wednesday night that killed our pressure for a whole night and then gave us brown water the next day, depleting our last gallon jug of backup supply. I’ll probably be in line at Costco all weekend. Maybe while I’m there I’ll get three hundred tons of Laughing Cow and a crate of bluetooth headsets.

Donna: This weekend, I’ll be going to a friend’s talent show party, where guests can sing, eat fire, whatever. I’ve been to arts shares (bring something you made or like) and literary salons (read something you wrote or enjoy) in the past. These are fun party ideas, and I’m looking forward to this one. Otherwise, I’d be driving to the mountains of Shenandoah National Park to hear author Jeff Alt talk about his experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail and would follow that up with a guided hike under the sunset and stars. I also may spend Sunday afternoon on the Potomac in a Canoeing 101 class, seeing as how I have a tendency to steer those little boats straight into the river bank.

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  1. Your first photo made me want to alert you to this article (linked in my heading above) about how flipflops harbor all kinds of bacteria! Yow! Make sure to wash your feet when getting home. :)

  2. I’m entering my flowers and herbs into the MoCo Ag Fair then I’m juding a tomato taste challenge at the Giant in McLean VA then I’m checking out the fashion show in downtown Silver Spring MD (can’t wait to meet in person one of my fave Project Runway desoigners!) – somewhere in all this action I plan to paint my back door purple and pull a bunch of annoyingly big weeds.

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