Generous George’s Closes

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Sadly, an icon of my childhood is no moreGenerous George’s Positive Pizza and Pasta Place closed the doors of its Alexandria restaurant for good, on Sunday. Fortunately,  George’s maintains a second location, in Herndon, which will stay open.  The legend will live on, even if the more convenient location doesn’t. When I was younger, Generous George’s was a frequent after-church lunch spot for my family and I.  I honestly haven’t been back in years, so I can’t really say whether the place was good or not, but to my 11-year old taste buds, the pizza was excellent.  Plus, the individual pitchers of soda were awesome.  Farewell, Alexandria location of Generous Georges’s Positive Pizza and Pasta Place.  You will be missed

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One thought on “Generous George’s Closes

  1. Glad to see it go. A first date, not to mention blind, that includes clowns, balloon animals, greasy pizza, and hoards of kiddos just frightens me. Do I look like I’m in high (er, middle) school?