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Federal Government Closed Monday

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THIS JUST IN: OPM has made the call you’ve all been waiting on. The federal government in the DC area will be closed tomorrow! REJOICE!

The Washington Post reports on the decision here. Approximate cost to taxpayers is around $100m per day closed. But go ahead and enjoy that snow day anyway. In other news, it looks like the is actually down from too much traffic. OPM is also a trending topic on Twitter in DC.

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Commander Salamander Closing

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Georgetown shop, Commander Salamander, which surprisingly has its very own definition in the urbandictionary, will be shutting it’s Wisconsin Avenue doors shortly. The shop known for it’s puny t-shirts, colorful trucks and gag gifts has long been a staple of the Georgetown shopping scene. No word yet on why the shop is closing, but fortunately, sister shop Up Against The Wall, with a location in the Georgetown Mall on M Street across from J. Paul’s, will remain open.

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Generous George’s Closes

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Sadly, an icon of my childhood is no moreGenerous George’s Positive Pizza and Pasta Place closed the doors of its Alexandria restaurant for good, on Sunday. Fortunately,  George’s maintains a second location, in Herndon, which will stay open.  The legend will live on, even if the more convenient location doesn’t. When I was younger, Generous George’s was a frequent after-church lunch spot for my family and I.  I honestly haven’t been back in years, so I can’t really say whether the place was good or not, but to my 11-year old taste buds, the pizza was excellent.  Plus, the individual pitchers of soda were awesome.  Farewell, Alexandria location of Generous Georges’s Positive Pizza and Pasta Place.  You will be missed