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Commander Salamander to Close. This Time For Realz

CS finally closing

We’ve been covering the Commander Salamander store closing situation since January 20, 2010. At first it appeared the historic and nostalgic shop was closing, yet the “going out of business” remained in the windows and the doors remained opened. Then about a month ago, the signs disappeared leaving the fate of the shop unknown. Now, according to City Paper, and as confirmed by the above storefront signs, Commander Salamander is indeed shuttering.

Merchandise is being HEAVILY  discounted. So if you’re in town for the “Rally To Restore Sanity” or if you’re just a fan of a store’s punk/hipster/preppy/raver gear, the shop (located at 1420 Wisconsin Ave NW–between N P St & N O St, is definitely worth a stop in.

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Commander Salamander Removes “Closing” Signs

Photo courtesy of
‘Commander Salamander, so it goes..’
courtesy of ‘Photos by Chip Py’

It’s been 8 months since we heard word that Commander Salamander was shuttering. Unlike its sister shop, Up Against The Wall, which closed super fast, the Wisconsin Avenue punk/hipster/preppy/raver shop has chugged on, despite keeping the “Store Closing” signs in its windows. This has left shop fans and area residents confused and perplexed about the store’s future. Was the shop still closing? If so, how could it take 8 months to liquidate the merchandise? Is Commander Salamander just playing tricks and using the signs as a gimmick to increase store traffic?

Then, like it had never happened, a few days ago the signs disappeared. But the questions still remain. Does the removal of the signs mean it’s really the end? Or has a crisis been averted and the shop will remain?

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Georgetown Shops Continue To Take A Beating

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‘Lotus #49’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

The shops lining M Street and Wisconsin Avenue have had a turbulent year. We’ve lost American Eagle, Commander Salamander, Up Against The Wall, FYE, Smith and Hawken, Nathan’s, etc. However, we have gained North Face, True Religion Jeans, Arisu, etc.  A full survey from late January of the closings and openings can be found at

Now comes word from Georgetown blogger Carol Joynt that more stores are closed or in peril. According the Joynt, Benneton has already shuttered, Sisley is soon to follow and the Aldo’s “remodeling” is suspect.

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Up Against The Wall Follows Commander Salamander

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‘Mystery man #1’
courtesy of ‘Ed Yourdon’

Exactly one week ago, I posted the sad news that long time Georgetown staple Commander Salamander would be shortly shutting its doors. The only glimmer of hope was that sister shop, Up Against The Wall, was still opened and right around the corner. Unfortunately, today’s posting by local DC-Georgetown blogger Carol Joynt, announces that Up Against The Wall will be closing as well.

No word yet on if this means the entire chain is going under.  I’m planning on swinging by the shop today and seeing if I can find out further details.

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Commander Salamander Closing

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courtesy of ‘Daquella manera’

Georgetown shop, Commander Salamander, which surprisingly has its very own definition in the urbandictionary, will be shutting it’s Wisconsin Avenue doors shortly. The shop known for it’s puny t-shirts, colorful trucks and gag gifts has long been a staple of the Georgetown shopping scene. No word yet on why the shop is closing, but fortunately, sister shop Up Against The Wall, with a location in the Georgetown Mall on M Street across from J. Paul’s, will remain open.