Up Against The Wall Follows Commander Salamander

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Exactly one week ago, I posted the sad news that long time Georgetown staple Commander Salamander would be shortly shutting its doors. The only glimmer of hope was that sister shop, Up Against The Wall, was still opened and right around the corner. Unfortunately, today’s posting by local DC-Georgetown blogger Carol Joynt, announces that Up Against The Wall will be closing as well.

No word yet on if this means the entire chain is going under.  I’m planning on swinging by the shop today and seeing if I can find out further details.

Rebecca Johnson

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2 thoughts on “Up Against The Wall Follows Commander Salamander

  1. Twenty five years ago this Commander Salamander was really something to see. We used to drive all the way from Nags Head to buy clothing, sunglasses, buttons all of the radical raging supplies a punk rock kid needed. I was really heartbroken when I heard this week that it was closing.


    When I walked through the doors Saturday I was even more heartbroken,yet I had a better understanding of it’s demise. Except for a Cobain poster over the register this store was no longer unique. It looked like any other store in any other shopping mall. Man, this is where Andy Warhol would shop when he came to DC!! Someone totally mainstreamed their inventory and their presentation. No corrosion in their conformity.

    Somewhere down the line it ceased to be cutting edge and unique and, like everything else in Georgetown (and retail in general), it became just the common denominator.

    And so it goes….

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