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Mid City Caffe to Close

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Charming Logan Circle coffee spot Mid City Caffé is set to close for business effective October 1st.

While a victim in part of its location – on a second floor and away from the kind of office-based foot traffic that supports a bustling coffee shop five of seven days a week – the owner and management still made the difficult decision to close rather than relocate when faced with a lease expiring and ambiguous future for the building they occupy (a situation which, unfortunately, may also impact the street-level tenant, vintage shop Miss Pixie’s in the coming months.)

Until the recent arrival of Peregrine Espresso’s second location only about one block away, Mid City was the only serious coffee shop in the Logan Circle/14th/U St region and, in addition to serving great coffee, it served as a valuable daytime spot to work or socialize in a neighborhood more focused on nightlife. Regulars seeking a spot to open the laptop and drink a tasty beverage will now most likely have to head over to Filter in Dupont.

Mid City’s current general manager and head barista, Jeffrey Lamoureux (previously with Chinatown Coffee Co), brought in to run the struggling shop just a few months ago, will be moving on to open a new espresso bar concept within the renovated AKA White House hotel. That cafe is expected to open later this autumn.

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Want a donut? Not so fast there, Skippy.

Krispy Kreme closed
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My lovely wife and I had lunch in Alexandria today and afterward had a hankering for a doughnut. Of course, I thought, let’s go to Krispy Kreme. For those of you who never leave DC, there are hot doughnuts now on Rt. 1 south in Alexandria.

When we got there this sign and a locked door were all that greeted me. You think it got bad when you couldn’t get your coffee? This is dire, my friends. Big Daddy needs his doughnuts. I’m not screwing around anymore.

Is there an area Krispy Kreme that is open in this Snomageddopocalypse?

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Up Against The Wall Follows Commander Salamander

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Exactly one week ago, I posted the sad news that long time Georgetown staple Commander Salamander would be shortly shutting its doors. The only glimmer of hope was that sister shop, Up Against The Wall, was still opened and right around the corner. Unfortunately, today’s posting by local DC-Georgetown blogger Carol Joynt, announces that Up Against The Wall will be closing as well.

No word yet on if this means the entire chain is going under.  I’m planning on swinging by the shop today and seeing if I can find out further details.

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Georgetown’s American Eagle Outfitters Shuts. Tweens Left with Plenty of Options

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Over the holidays, the Georgetown strip lost another retail shop with American Eagle Outfitters shuttering its flip flop, tank top, bikini laded aisles for good.  Luckily for those AE diehards, there are plenty of other substitutes to be found close by, like Vineyard Vines, Abercrombie & Fitch, Rugby, Tommy Hilfinger, Patagonia, etc…..

Like most commercial areas, Georgetown is an ever evolving strip with shops and restaurants opening and closing year round. Unfortunately, during this economic downturn, there have been more departures and less arrivals, and according to there could be more casualties in the horizon.

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Moojoo Ken Closing

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You may have already heard the news, fashionista, but one of my favorite DC clothing boutiques, Moojoo Ken is closing. Moojoo is selling virtually everything in their store, including appliances, at up to 80% off, now until, well “closing”.

Moojoo Ken’s twitter account has something slightly fortelling, “closing up the U Street brick-and-mortar. We will keep you posted on our next set of plans for lady moojoo ken…after she has a sweet nap!” so hopefully this isn’t the last DC will see of Moojoo.

Moojoo Ken is located at 1512 U Street, NW 20009