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Predictions for Food Trends in 2012

Photo courtesy of philliefan99
opening wide
courtesy of philliefan99

With 2011 and the year of the burger now behind us, the food team’s mouths are already watering and we’re looking ahead at what 2012 will bring to our plates. Our team, comprised of myself, Tricia and Natalia (our newest addition to the team!) all brainstormed about what we think will be all the rage in the new year when it comes to food.

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Want a donut? Not so fast there, Skippy.

Krispy Kreme closed
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My lovely wife and I had lunch in Alexandria today and afterward had a hankering for a doughnut. Of course, I thought, let’s go to Krispy Kreme. For those of you who never leave DC, there are hot doughnuts now on Rt. 1 south in Alexandria.

When we got there this sign and a locked door were all that greeted me. You think it got bad when you couldn’t get your coffee? This is dire, my friends. Big Daddy needs his doughnuts. I’m not screwing around anymore.

Is there an area Krispy Kreme that is open in this Snomageddopocalypse?