Who Would Win In A Fight?

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‘Battle of the Beltways’
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The Nationals’ Screech? Or the Orioles’ The Bird?

Well, in the battle over D.C. TV ratings, our neighbors to the north have won. According to the Washington Business Journal, “D.C. is the only TV market in the country where a team from another city (the O’s) gets better ratings than the hometown team.”  That’s sad.

What’s sadder still is that the two teams combined for 201 losses. :(

Rebecca Johnson

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8 thoughts on “Who Would Win In A Fight?

  1. I do wonder, though – that stat is based on MASN broadcasting and last I remember it discussed they don’t show all the Nationals games. If you can’t count on seeing them all you might be discouraged from tuning in.

    And they suck.

  2. And MASN sucks.

    Left unsaid in this post is that MASN is controlled by cowardly Peter Angelos, who kept the Nats off of most cable systems for most of the first two seasons. That certainly prevented Nats broadcasts from gaining momentum. Had MLB not given into Angelos and taken away the tv rights, I believe it would be a different story. Not much different, but different.

  3. I really don’t care who DOESN’T watch the Nats game – because I’m someone who DOES watch the Nats games, regardless of the channel, win or lose. That’s what fans are supposed to do.

    Oh, and Screech would completely demolish the Oriole. (does he have a name?)

  4. I looked high and low for the name of the Oriole mascot, and apparently his name is “The Bird.” Not that it’s a name. More of a descriptor. Perhaps we should suggest some?

  5. I’ve heard him referred to as the Oriole Bird.

    We can call him Flip. As in Flip the Bird.

  6. I’ve always thought of the “dirty bird” as an Atlanta Falcons thing. Or something. But not Bawlmer! ;)

    Sorry for the earlier double post!