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Concerning Rob Dibble

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On Wednesday night, Rob Dibble opened his mouth during a MASN broadcast of the Nationals and swallowed his whole foot. He said, of two women sitting behind home plate, that they must be talking about shopping. It went on like this for a bit. His broadcasting partner, Bob Carpenter, tried to help Dibble out of the jam, and threw him a rope. Instead of taking it, Dibble hung himself with it.

There have been a lot of column inches and pixels devoted to Dibble’s terrible miscue, and his ill-advised rambling, and we’re not about to join them except to say: In the short history of the Nationals, no one figure, on the field or off, has been so widely discussed and largely disliked as the MASN broadcaster. There’s good reason for that, and his comments Wednesday were pretty much atrocious. They represent the worst sort of bias: the kind that’s laughed off.

In his response today on the MASN website, Dibble once again dodged this issue. In a piece titled, “The Greatness of Baseball”, Rob Dibble does everything but apologize. He concludes the non-apology by blaming those who interpreted his remarks: “The other night I made an off-handed comment, the meaning of which may have been misconstrued beyond what was said. If any fan of this great game took offense, then he or she should know that this was neither my intention nor my history in the game.” Continue reading

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Nats’ Opening Week Ratings Improve Over 2009

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Just a shade over a week into the young MLB season, and the 4-5 Nationals can point to at least one area of improvement. According to Nielsen, the Nats have doubled the average local TV rating during Opening Week in 2010 as compared to the year before.

While the overall number isn’t getting close to the league leaders (the Red Sox pulled 11 percent of their market into local broadcasts), the fact that the Nats were able to perform decently well with viewers in the midst of several day games and the Caps postseason run is notable. Room to grow, for sure, in becoming a baseball town, but doubling your audience is still doubling your audience.

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Who Would Win In A Fight?

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The Nationals’ Screech? Or the Orioles’ The Bird?

Well, in the battle over D.C. TV ratings, our neighbors to the north have won. According to the Washington Business Journal, “D.C. is the only TV market in the country where a team from another city (the O’s) gets better ratings than the hometown team.”  That’s sad.

What’s sadder still is that the two teams combined for 201 losses. :(