It’s That Time Again: High Heel Race!!

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Folks, it is time for that most DC event: The High Heel Race. If you’re not familiar, it’s a race down 17th street, with men in their finest taffeta and lamé gowns, in beautiful high heel shoes. If you’re not convinced, check out Katie’s photo digest from last year’s event. The race isn’t until 8 or so in the evening, but plan to be there by 6:30 at the latest if you want a good viewing spot.

My friend Stuart will be racing this year, and I certainly wish him good balance and excellent speed. He’ll be in the purple slinky cocktail dress and matching pumps, I’m sure. Seriously, come out and see the costumes for yourselves, they’re absolutely perfect for this fantastic time of year.

Update to mention: Of course I left the date off. The Race is Tomorrow, 10/27, not today.

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One thought on “It’s That Time Again: High Heel Race!!

  1. It’s tomorrow not today! You might want to update the story so people won’t get confused!