Crumbs Comes to DC!

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‘Buon Appetito!’
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Crumbs, the delicious NY cupcake shop, is expanding to DC! “The D.C. market was the next logical choice for our expansion,” said Jason Bauer, CRUMBS CEO and co-founder. “The CRUMBS brand has strong name recognition in the market and we decided to listen to our fans who have been asking us for many months to come to D.C.”

True, DC has lots of cupcake shops. But personally, I am stoked about the arrival of Crumbs in March 2010. Their cupcakes are huge, first of all, and they also come up with some creative flavors and decorations. Check out Orange You a Chocolate Lover— cute, right? Bring on the happy.

Jasmine is a Spin magazine contributor who is completely obsessed with music and all things new and different. She’s lived in the DC area since 2006, and still has plenty to discover about this great area! Find out why she loves DC.

2 thoughts on “Crumbs Comes to DC!

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  2. Yeah suer bring in another cupcake spot. ONly the strong survive.

    but don’t like it just because it came form somewhere else. Be intelligent and try it for yourself. I hate it when people say something is great because they went to the original in NYC/LA/Miami. How about judge on merit. anyway, hello cupcake is still my cupcake of choice. huge, tasty, and delicious.