Haiti Survival Kit Drive This Sunday

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‘Haiti Earthquake’
courtesy of ‘United Nations Development Programme’

Update: This event did receive mention on FOX 5 News (still link-hunting on that) and has a listing on Yelp and on Meetup. Still confirming officially if this is indeed occurring, as it is (obviously) difficult to contact the Embassy at this time.

In the meantime, the Embassy of Haiti and ServeDC are asking for volunteers to man the embassy’s telephone banks. If you’d like to help in that capacity, contact ServeDC at 202.727.7925.

There will be a Survival Kit Drive on Sunday, January 17 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti located at 2311 Massachusetts Avenue, NW. In appreciation of your assistance light refreshments will be available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 718-755-0119.  The following items are requested:

Baby formula (dry/powder)
Baby wipes
Baby bottles
Baby clothes
Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste)
Hand sanitizer
Natural supplements
First aid kits
Over the counter medicines
Mosquito repellent
Flip flops
T-shirts, pants, lightweight jackets
Non-perishable food that are not in cans (seal-packs of tuna or sardines, for example)

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There are dozens more items needed; this is just a starter list. Think flat, lightweight, and easily packable. If you can offer a little of your time, awesome.

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5 thoughts on “Haiti Survival Kit Drive This Sunday

  1. Ben – Were you able to verify this information?
    The Embassy of Haiti’s Website doesn’t say anything about this. In fact there is a statement on their site that says “we urge you to consider donating cash as opposed to in-kind donations. Indeed, the U.S. Office of Disaster Assistance’s information office has issued similar recommendations through their press release and guidelines”
    I received this same email from a group called “Matador Change” but it seems to me that they don’t really have a plan to get this stuff to Haiti. I know everyone wants to help but I’ve read that it is better to send cash donations…
    Do you know who’s organizing this? and what is their plan? Thanks!

  2. I’m looking more into it, Melita. The info came to me from someone in my office and we’re looking into it. I’ll update when I have more info.

  3. From an economics standpoint, it’s almost certainly better to give cash to a (legit) relief organization than to buy supplies to send. Cash is all-purpose (and charities can get better bulk deals on supplies – but they still need cash to pay for them). But I guess if you already have those supplies sitting around, it’s ok to donate them.

    Also, please see this article about infant formula in the context of disaster relief: http://www.salon.com/mwt/broadsheet/feature/2010/01/15/haiti_baby_formula/index.html

  4. Thanks, Amelia, as donations to a relief organization is certainly a better option. (I’ve donated to the Red Cross already.) I also know that some people tend to want to do some type of “hands-on” volunteerism in times like these as well as (or rather than) donate, hence the post.

    Better to do something than nothing, if only to help our fellow man, though it does behoove us to make sure we volunteer where we can have the most impact. As far as I can gather (without official embassy confirmation), this event seems pretty legit – though if anyone has any info to the contrary, please share. And if you don’t know what to do to help, make sure you read over Tiffany’s excellent roundup.