DC Helps Haiti: Earthquake Relief Events

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Update 1/18: Information about Haiti earthquake relief fundraising has continued to pour in, so we have a new list of events you can attend this week.

By now we’ve all heard the harrowing reports coming from Haiti. And if you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you’re orders of magnitude better off than the average Haitian even before the earthquake. Maybe you’ve got to wait for your next paycheck, maybe you’re out of work and can only spare a couple of bucks, but donate what you can, even if for no other reason than that you’re grateful live in a country with building codes and soup kitchens where you’ve never had to literally eat mud to fill your empty stomach.

But in addition to donating cash directly, there are a number of ways to help direct money (because that’s what they need now, money rather than a bunch of random goods) to Haiti earthquake relief. (A lot of this is cobbled together from press releases because we wanted to pull this together quickly, thanks for your forbearance.)  Got anything I missed? Leave it in the comments.

Wale will be playing a benefit concert at the 9:30 Club on Monday night. All ticket sales will be donated to the Partners in Health Organization and Yéle Haiti. The artists are donating their performances, the 9:30 Club has donated the use of the venue, club employees are donating their wages and the advance ticket sales service charge also will be donated.

We got a Twitter report that The Passenger is doing a Haiti relief fundraiser today, 5-8pm, but I don’t have any details. (Not that I need much of an excuse to visit The Passenger.)

This weekend, Trystthe DINER and Open City will be donating 100% of the sales of their in-house drink specials to the UNICEF fund for Haitian earthquake survivors. Drink specials include Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at the DINER, the Creamsicle Cooler Open City and any coffee beverage with a shot of Bailey’s at Tryst.

Tonight, the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow will be having a fundraiser at the Palace of Wonders. $10 door, a portion of which will be donated, as well as all money raised during the event itself.

The Friday night Liberation Dance Party at DC9 will be donating door proceeds to Haiti relief this week.

The Black Cat will be holding a benefit concert on February 6th. Watch for more details.  LiberatedMuse will hold a benefit concert on February 12th.

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, the Embassy of Haiti and ServeDC are asking for volunteers to man telephone banks at the Haitian Embassy, 2311 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.  If you are able to offer mental health services and grief counseling, please contact the DC Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency at 202-272-6161.  Additional information on support and volunteerism can obtained by contacting the Haitian Embassy – Greater Washington Haitian Relief Committee is 202-241-3593.

Material donations, clothes, food, toiletry items can be dropped off at the Haitian Embassy, Sunday, 17 January 2010, 11am-4pm, 2311 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

Additionally, the Sunlight Foundation will be holding “CrisisCamp” this weekend, in which a bunch of developers get together to put together tools for NGOs and relief organizations to use involving geospatial imagery, map data, etc. as well as family locator databases and the like.

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8 thoughts on “DC Helps Haiti: Earthquake Relief Events

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  2. On Friday the 22nd Local 16 is co-hosting a charity event from 6:30-10:30. $25 at the door and 10% of the bartab go to Yele Haiti. There will be free food and drink specials for donors

  3. Irish Music Fundraiser for Haiti
    Monday, January 18, 2010
    7:30pm – 11:00pm
    Nanny O’Brien’s Pub
    3319 Connecticut Ave NW

    The Irish Music Community in DC is coming together to help raise money to support relief work in Haiti following the devastating earthquake. Join us this Monday night (1/18) at Nanny’s O’Brien’s in Cleveland Park. There will be music all night featuring some of the best local Irish singers and traditional musicians.

    Come on out, have a pint, enjoy some music, and support a great cause.

    All proceeds from the event will go directly to Red Cross relief programs in Haiti.

    You can find more info on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/arieljacobs?success=1#/event.php?eid=410206060060&ref=mf

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  5. here’s another one!

    The Rogue Wave Project presents
    a benefit for Partners in Health and Shelterbox
    at the Rock and Roll Hotel

    Wednesday, January 27 @ 6pm

    with live performances by:
    Bonjour Ganeesh
    Loose Lips
    The Jones
    Black Dog Prowl
    The Courtesans
    Lissy Rosemont

    and Djs
    Denman (No Control)
    Dustin (Becauseitsfun.com)
    Erik from PEEL (he was playing that night anyway)
    Sequoia (The Midnight Suns)

    Doors @ 6pm
    $10 Cover
    (100% of door will be donated to PIH and 10% of bar sales to Shelterbox)

    Partners in Health (http://www.standwithhaiti.org/haiti) has been operating in Haiti for over 20 years and of all the aide organizations we’ve taken a look at, they have the best built-in infrastructure in the already chaotic country. They’ve also been actively recruiting nurses and doctors with emergency room experience to head down to Haiti to help out with all the traumas.

    Shelterbox (www.shelterbox.com) responds to disasters like the earthquake by distributing all-purpose “shelterboxes”, kits that include everything a family needs to weather a crisis, such as a sturdy 10-person tent, blankets, a stove, and even coloring books for children. Shelterbox also gives each individual box a unique identification number so that you can track your box from its point of departure to its new home in Haiti.