Sports Fix: The Heat Is On

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It’s been a busy and eventful last two weeks in the Washington DC sports world.   The Caps are ON FIRE!!!  The Wizards might be getting there. And we’ve had  some solid developments for those out-of-season teams, some expected, some not so much.

Record: 37-12
Last Two Weeks: 7-0
Place:1st in the Eastern Conference

With yesterday’s win over the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Capitals are on a 10 game wining streak tying their 1984 franchise record.

Defender Mike Green will be out for the next two games for an elbow to the head of Michael Frolik during Friday night’s game. Green’s absence yesterday was a huge disadvantage for Washington, as Green is the league’s leading defensive scorer. However, with Ovechkin’s third period goal, they managed to pull out the victory.

Over the next two weeks, the Caps are out of town quite a bit, traveling to Boston, Ottawa and Atlanta. Look for a solid match against the Penguins at the Verizon Center on February 7th.

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Record: 16-30
Last Two Weeks: 4-5
Place: Near the bottom of the Eastern Conference

Well, it was of little surprise that Wizards star Gilbert Arenas was suspended for the remainder of the season for bringing a gun into the Wizards locker room; Arenas has even be banned from being around the team, so don’t expect to see him sitting on the bench in a suit.

With Arenas gone, and a little more than two months left in the regular season, DC is focusing on the small things, i.e. trying to win three games in row; a feat which has eluded them this entire season. Luckily, the Wizards last two games were against the struggling NJ Nets and NY Knicks, so they’ve got two wins under their belt heading into tonight’s home game vs. the Boston Celtics. Please! Please! Please let them win! Three wins in a row! That’s all we’re asking for!

Well, I suppose since he was fired from the franchise on Jan. 4, the headlines about Jim Zorn this weekend don’t really count as “Redskins news”, but seriously WTF!  The guy had an abysmal 12-20 record for the Skins, he hasn’t even be unemployed for a month, and he gets picked up as head QB coach for a playoff team. This can only mean one of two things. One, The Ravens franchise and coaching staff are idiots, or two, it’s common knowledge within the NFL that Dan Snyder really f’ed up Zorn’s coaching potential. I lean towards the latter.


Tom reported last week that the 2010 prospectus for the Nationals is surprisingly looking better than 2009. Whoopee!  And with Spring Training fast approaching, the Nats are looking to extend their relationship with left-fielder and power-hitter Adam Dunn. Dunn is a fantastic addition to the Nats and I hope an extended contract can be worked out.

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DC United

On January 19, DC United filled a much needed attacking position by picking up Australian striker Danny Allsopp.  United has made refreshing its roster with quality players a top off-season priority and Allsopp will hopefully be a tremendous front line force and goal scorer.

The rumor mill is also swirling as United seeks to find a stellar midfield replacement for Christian Gomez within either a Brazilian or Costa Rican club.

In the Women’s Professional Soccer draft, the Washington Freedom selected Colorado’s Nikki Marshall as their first round draft pick. Yes, DC has a professional women’s soccer team. And yes, they’re very good. If you’ve seen the G2 commercial that’s been running nonstop, then you’ve seen them in action.

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2 thoughts on “Sports Fix: The Heat Is On

  1. While it’s good to see the NHL cracking down on blows to the head, it’s also a blessing in disguise for Green, considering the brutally clean hit he took to his knee in Friday’s game versus the Panthers. I still shiver when I see the replay in slow-motion…