“Gin, Gents, & Gems”: Bringing Valentines Day’s Shopping To The Bar

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It’s never easy to buy a significant other a Valentine’s Day gift. A lot of time and effort go into finding the gift that screams, “This is JUUUUUUUSSSSTTTT right. Perfecto!” To make matters worse for women, a lot of men don’t like to shop. But what if the gifts followed the men to the bar? Men like drinking … don’t they?

Jewelry maker Courtney Weiner and Leopold Bros. Lindsay Marsh think so. The pair met through mutual friends a few weeks ago and now they’re hosting a unique Valentine’s Day themed bar event catered toward the opposite sex.

Guys go to bars. It’s that simple. Or at least that’s what Wiener and Marsh keep telling each other. “Guys go to bars, so if you put jewelry in the bar they’re more likely to buy it,” That is what spawned “Gin, Gents, & Gems.”


Gin, Gents, & Gems” is Weiner’s first attempt of marketing a jewelry event toward men since starting her own business last September. Since then, she’s been carving her own path in the business of jewelry sales in the DC area, often times playing host to “Tupperware party” jewelry events in women’s homes. Wine and Roses Jewelry also creates custom orders for any occasion, which is something Weiner prides herself on.

Often times, pieces requested by potential buyers are sold out shortly after posting pictures of the item online, Weiner said. So, in order to meet her client’s demands, the custom order option allows buyers requesting a sold out piece to buy it all year long. Weiner is even willing to create a whole new piece of jewelry as requested by a client. If you have an idea, she’s more than happy to make it for you.

Weiner continues to expand her clientele through local blogs and online social calendars, but it wasn’t until she met Marsh that the whole concept of marketing toward men gained momentum.

Marsh’s story differs than that of Weiner’s lawyer by day, jewelry maker by night tale of multi-tasking. When Leopold Bros. opened their first brewery in 1999, she was there with members of her extended family bringing the dream to life. They started with a graduate school pub in Michigan while working their way toward their eventual goal — opening their first major distillery in Colorado.

These guys know what their doing. It wasn’t until I sampled a few of their 14 different liquors that I learned alcohol doesn’t have to burn. Each sip goes down with ease, almost as fast as a good gulp of water would. My brain didn’t believe what my taste buds were telling it.

I swished their Silver Tree Vodka over my tongue trying to feel a burn, but there was no such sensation. It was sweet. Then, I let their American Small Batch Gin sit while I waiting to feel that needle-like tickle, but that didn’t happen either.


The biggest highlight had to be the New York Apple Whiskey and fruit liqueurs. Never heard of apple whiskey? That’s okay, neither had I. But one sip and guarantee you’ll be hooked. If you’re thinking, “Why would you ruin my whiskey with fruit,” I assure you it hasn’t been ruined. Enhanced perhaps, but not ruined.

How do they make it taste like apples? Easy – by making it with real apples. Leopold Bros. uses real fruit, no sugar, and all-natural products to produce all 14 of their handcrafted classics.

If that’s not enough of a reason for men to attend an event with jewelry for sale (making it an easy way to get that dreadful Valentine’s Day shopping out of the way), I don’t know what is.

So if you’re a guy who knows he does everything at the last minute and are looking for an excuse to go out and drink with the guys tonight – you can kill two birds with one stone by heading to Local 16 on U street between the hours of 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. There will be Leopold Bros. liquor ready and waiting with those Valentine’s Day gifts (compliments of Wine and Rose Jewelry) for sale.

Local 16 is located at 1602 U Street NW, just three blocks from the U street Metro station.

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