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Where to Eat For Valentine’s Day

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I am not the biggest fan of those forced celebrations that are genius ploys by Hallmark to make bank on pre-written love notes. Anytime the local grocery store and CVS look like cupid just vomited everywhere with so much red and heart shaped sugar it makes my eyes hurt. I promise there’s a romantic in me somewhere. But, whether we love or hate it, people get very into this Hallmark Holiday, so here are a few spots for making or breaking that big date, celebrating the single life, and just general breaking the routine.
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Georgetown Love Potions

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‘Cinn City’
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I may not care a fig for Valentine’s Day (of course having said that, I fully expect a boatload of lilies delivered to my door, please) but I do love cocktails! So does the Georgetown BID, which has pulled together a bunch of restaurants to provide you with enough aphrodisiac concoctions to seduce even the hardest of hearts. Starting tonight, these selections (“Love Potions,” natch) will be available through Valentine’s Day all across the Georgetown circuit at 19 spots including Mie N Yu, Neyla, and 1789. Drinks are 2 for $14, for couples or friends.

Now, I rarely get to Georgetown these days but two of the sips I sampled earlier this week were tempting enough to get me to return (that and the cocktail shaker shaped like a dumbbell that I spied in an antiques window – ahem, gift?). The standout was created by Bourbon Steak’s very talented Duane Sylvestre. As you can probably guess from the name – Cinn City – it has the red hot spice of cinnamon as its top note, with the other ingredients being Four Roses bourbon and Peychaud’s bitters (First reaction? “It really does taste like a Red Hot! But not in a candy way.”). Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Options for Singles

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Yep, it’s that time a year again: Valentine’s Day. And if you’re single, you might be moping about wondering why there’s no one to take you to a nice pre-fixe, four course dinner with truffles and free champagne. So in order to prevent yourself from being a shut-in, listening to sad Fiona Apple songs while you down a bottle of red wine, let’s buck up and get out there. Sure, it can be a tough holiday if you’re not in a relationship, but I am a firm believer that just because you’re single on Valentine’s day does not mean you have to be morbidly bitter or that you have to eat frozen pizza while all the couples in the city enjoy their fancy dinners.
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Love Your Sweetheart the Spy Way

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‘Spy in the House of Love’
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This February, take your love undercover at the International Spy Museum, where they’ve developed a month-long set of activities to spice up the romance at your next rendezvous. From Whoopie Pies to Love a Spy, guests will experience how spies turn up the heat.

Starting February 4th, ISM offers the chance to “Love a Spy” every Friday and Saturday at Spy at Night throughout February. Guests who reserve a Love a Spy package for $100 will receive two Double Agent tickets allowing guests to visit the permanent exhibit and Operation Spy or Spy at Night.

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“Gin, Gents, & Gems”: Bringing Valentines Day’s Shopping To The Bar

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It’s never easy to buy a significant other a Valentine’s Day gift. A lot of time and effort go into finding the gift that screams, “This is JUUUUUUUSSSSTTTT right. Perfecto!” To make matters worse for women, a lot of men don’t like to shop. But what if the gifts followed the men to the bar? Men like drinking … don’t they?

Jewelry maker Courtney Weiner and Leopold Bros. Lindsay Marsh think so. The pair met through mutual friends a few weeks ago and now they’re hosting a unique Valentine’s Day themed bar event catered toward the opposite sex.

Guys go to bars. It’s that simple. Or at least that’s what Wiener and Marsh keep telling each other. “Guys go to bars, so if you put jewelry in the bar they’re more likely to buy it,” That is what spawned “Gin, Gents, & Gems.”

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Cupid’s Undie Run – Another Excuse for DC To Go Pantless

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Hey DC, want another excuse to take your pants off? Did the No Pants Party on the Metro leave you wanting more? Your prayers have been answered in form of a pantless run around the Capitol scheduled for Feb. 13.

Registration for Cupid’s Undie Run (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like) is now open and costs $30 to enter. The registration fee includes a commemorative event t-shirt, all day drink specials, post-race food, and the chance to run around DC in nothing but your skivvies.

The party starts at noon at Pourhouse (located at 319 Pennsylvania Ave, SE) and ends with a 1.75 mile jog around the Capitol. Who knows — you just might meet your future ball ‘n chain. It’d sure as hell make a good story for the grandkids!

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We Love Food: Equinox

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Situated on Farragut Square in the Downtown corridor, Equinox is unassuming on the outside. With a glassed-in atrium, it looks like it was once a lunch eatery or an after-work bar spot that has been transformed, to the best of an interior decorator’s ability, to an upscale dining room. After having a wonderful time at Equinox in the fall, partaking in the fall happy hour, I was dying to try Equinox for a full meal, and Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse.

We were sat, and the meal started out with bread. I love bread – it has the potential to set the tone for the entire meal. Bread can be a warm welcome, a fabulous place for a meal to start, and unfortunately Equinox’s bread fell flat. Well, not the bread so much as the hummus that came with it. I’m a big fan of interesting spreads (hello, honey butter, yogurt dill cheese or herb butter) and so I was excited to try the hummus that came with a pastry puff bread and some sort of fruit and herb bread slices. It was bland. It was mostly tasteless, with sort of a weird aftertaste. I tried it with or without the bread, and have to say, that hummus was a mistake for the chef to send out. I could have gotten better hummus at Trader Joe’s. But luckily, the hummus was the worst part of the entire meal, and everything just got better from there. Continue reading