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Where to Eat For Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of kimberlyfaye
courtesy of kimberlyfaye

I am not the biggest fan of those forced celebrations that are genius ploys by Hallmark to make bank on pre-written love notes. Anytime the local grocery store and CVS look like cupid just vomited everywhere with so much red and heart shaped sugar it makes my eyes hurt. I promise there’s a romantic in me somewhere. But, whether we love or hate it, people get very into this Hallmark Holiday, so here are a few spots for making or breaking that big date, celebrating the single life, and just general breaking the routine.
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Ethnic Dining Guide

Hotdogs and Rice with Broccoli.

Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide for the DC area has been updated for 2009. He starts off with a plug for his book, Discover Your Inner Economist, offers some rules of thumb for choosing ethnic food restaurants in general, lists some “must-eat” places, then launches into a grand, culturally-alphabetized list of restaurants of every regional and stylistic variety, with addresses and capsule reviews. The guide is huge and tirelessly comprehensive, definitely worth a scan if you’re hankering for an exotic dine-out this weekend.

(Link via Kottke. Pictured above: a traditional Filipino meal.)