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We worked damn hard during the last snowpocalypse to make sure that you were well informed as to the snow related goings on in the DC area.  In fact, I’d say we covered the bases pretty well.  You know what that means for this time around? Recycled content!!

One of our readers, Shaun from Arlington, asked us about sledding hills in the DC area.  Fortunately, Cathy came up with a pretty sweet list in December.  For your information, here it is again:

Sledding Hills by Location

In the city:

  • Meridian Hill Park (NW, U Street) *Recommended by WLDC Author Tom
  • Fort Reno (NW by American U.)
  • 3545 Williamsburg Lane, NW (NW, Cleveland Park)
  • Georgetown University’s old school of dentistry (NW, Burleith)

Northern VA:

  • Iwo Jima (Arlington) *Recommended by WLDC Author Katie
  • Mt. Reston (Reston)
  • Suicide Hill (Alexandria – Martha Custis Dr. & Preston Rd)
  • Hill at Mason District Park (Annandale)
  • GW Masonic Temple (Alexandria)
  • Fairfax County: Best Local Sledding Hills[pdf] (Official!)
  • Special recommendation from WLDC’s John: ‘I’ve always always always wanted to take the MASSIVE hill down Walter Reed that hits the bottom at 4 mile run near Shirlington. It’s more or less a ski ramp. You’d need traffic control as you don’t want to cross the intersection with an oncoming snow plow, but regardless, it would be AWESOME.'”

Enjoy the hills!

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8 thoughts on “The Hills

  1. Can’t believe you left out the most obvious one! There were tons of people sledding, skiing and airmattressing down CAPITOL HILL (west front) during the last snow storm. It’s a perfect height/angle for sledding, and the views of the snow-covered Mall from the top are spectacular!

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  3. I would add that the Masonic Temple in Alexandria was in the news last week as no longer being a great place for sledding. Apparently their program to create tree memorials dotting the hill makes for a bumpy – and uncomfortable – ride.

  4. add the zoo to that list…i saw some kids sledding near the outdoor ampitheatre

    where in meridian hill park? the hill portion is either concrete or terraced for the most part.

  5. Don’t forget the 2 at the top of Rock Creek Prkwy. 1. Across street from Chipotle (Calvert and Connecticutt) 2. Behing Omni hotel.

  6. “Damn” is not a polite word. With all the money we spent on your education don’t you think you could come up with some other word?
    Love, Mom

  7. Not too far over the border, Takoma Park Middle School on Piney Branch Ave. has a tall, wide sledding hill. There will be teenagers on snowboards building jumps, alongside many small children on the bunny slopes, and everyone in between. It’s about a mile from Takoma Metro (14/24 Ride On bus, once it’s running again).

    The playing field also provides massive snow fort possibilities…

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