Metro’s Decision: Some Above-Ground Back, Not All

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Like everyone else in DC, we’ve been watching WMATA like hawks, waiting to hear what their plan for Tuesday is. The word’s just in:

Metro is continuing mostly underground-only for rail service for the time being, but the Blue and Yellow lines have both been restored enough to get into the District, and the Orange line will run completely end-to-end. The hazards of digging out all of Metro’s rail yards out from under two to three feet of snow has just been too much to bear for a system that’s having difficulty getting their necessary manpower to bear in the storm. WMATA’s Doug Karas said in an email, “What worries me is not so much clearing the aboveground track, but digging about 800 trains out of 2-3 feet of snow, clearing the track at the railyards so you can move those cars around and put the trains together.” Read the full Metro press release for details on which stations will be open.

Bus service will continue to be limited on Tuesday.

With a storm bearing down for tomorrow afternoon, threatening to bring 10-20 inches of snow, Metro’s possibly facing (continued) above-ground rail closures and further bus delays/cancellations as we make our way into the rest of the week. Metro is asking for folks to help try to shovel out bus stops, as people in the road waiting for the bus are a traffic hazard, so if you get a chance, help dig out your nearest stop.

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