SNOW FORECAST: 10″-20″ More, History Making Winter

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This is a picture of the latest suggested transportation method for DC

Logan Johnson, Senior Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, comes through yet again for the readers of We Love DC. The only thing I have to add to this thorough forecast and commentary is this: I am declaring the official #hashtag for this storm (and the whole winter) to be #snowdiculous. You are welcome.

The latest round in the boxing match with Old Man Winter will take the form of yet another powerful snowstorm taking aim on the DC area. In what has quickly gone from a snow lover’s dream winter…to something that now resembles more of a sick cosmic joke…the next storm looks poised to drop snow amounts better measured with yard sticks than rulers.

This latest installment will feature low pressure developing Tuesday near the Gulf of Mexico, and turning northwards. As it does, a new, stronger low pressure will form off the Carolina coast, spreading moisture north into the Mid-Atlantic region, as it interacts with cold air in place to fall in the form of snow.

The National Weather Service has posted Winter Storm Warnings for the DC metro area, and forecasted amounts range from 10 to 20 inches. For a city still digging out from last week’s storm, this will cause further travel difficulties, and as the snow falls heavily again, travel will become difficult or nearly impossible. By now, we know the drill, but staying off the roads and heeding all warnings from local authorities are the way to make it through another large storm.

With snow beginning late Tuesday afternoon and evening, the heaviest snow will fall during the overnight hours and into Wednesday morning. Periods of snow will continue through much of Wednesday, with things winding down by the evening. This storm will feature heavy snowfall, with rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour common during the peak intensity of the storm.

A storm of this magnitude would be significant on its own, but the fact that now possibly three storms have featured a foot or more of snow in the District in one winter is epic. If you are living here during the winter of 2009-2010 and its Snow Blitz, take lots of notes and pictures to share with your grandkids some day, because you’re living right through history.

Somebody make it stop! Save us!

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  5. I like the idea of snowdiculous, but I think it might be better to go all the way and just call it “snowridiculous,” as in “God, this is snow ridiculous!”

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