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Cracked rails on Red and Blue line snarl commute, threaten evening

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YIP 228 – Things you don’t want to see in the Metro
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Cracked rails on the Red and Blue line this morning in commute-heavy portions of the above-ground part of the rail system have snarled morning commutes. The breaks, near the Pentagon and near Takoma, were caused by the rapid cooling of the DC area to a low of near 10 degrees Fahrenheit last night, according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. The breaks cannot be fixed during rush hour, and repairs will take place once morning rush is cleared.

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Photos: Old Washington in the Winter

Taft Inauguration

Photo courtesy of the DC Public Library

I love Flickr. Here at We Love DC, we all love Flickr. Without your contributions to our pool, the site would be a lot less colorful. But one of my favorite things about Flickr is The Commons, where museums of the world post selections of their historic photography collections. It can be fun sometimes to spend an hour or two lost in a long-ago world, made all the more enlightening because so many of those photos show scenes of our very city: Washington. As we recover from last week’s snowstorm and as we’re currently dealing with another mess of a weather pattern, it seems like the right time to take a look back at how Washingtonians of the past dealt with winter.

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Featured Photo

Featured Photo

White Elephant Gift 230 by yospyn

Now is the winter of our discontent.  While we may have just narrowly escaped a blizzard, it’s still colder than a polar bear’s pajamas on the shady side of an iceberg.  So while you could go outside with your camera gear, brave this miserable weather, and take blurry photos of Christmas lights, I recommend staying indoors and experimenting with your immediate surroundings.

One of my favorite old photography tricks is to shoot something that is completely out of its element, like a fish out of water if you will.  For example, this shark should be eating baby seals off the coast of South Africa, not tickling the ivories with his coffee stained teeth.  He should be terrorizing other fish in the ocean, not playing “Happy Birthday” on a Yamaha.  I blame this odd behavior on global warming, or in our case, global cooling.

So wrap yourself up in a Snuggie, grab your camera gear, and show that shark who’s boss.  Before you know it the cherry blossoms will be blooming.

Five Favorites

Five Favorites: Staying Warm (and Bright)

Photo courtesy of
‘winter wonderland (February 2010 edition)’
courtesy of ‘mofo’

There is a lovely dusting of snow out there and, even if that sends you down a panic spiral, we can all agree that it is great to enjoy from the cozy comfort of the indoors, ideally with something to warm you from within.

5. Churros & Chocolate at Churreria Madrid
One of my best friends lives about a block from long-time Adams Morgan Spanish joint Churreria Madrid. The bad news for her though, is that, as a vegan, the chocolate is definitely off-limits and we have not quite confirmed the veg-stats of the oil that fries the churros. I choose not to ask too many questions and, instead, just dip my fried dough in the thick, hot chocolate sauce while I wonder how a place like Spain ever invited such a perfect snowy day snack.

Photo courtesy of
‘churros and chocolate’
courtesy of ‘timsnell’

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Photos: Summer vs. winter. Let’s compare.

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‘crystal palace II’
courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

Remember winter? Yeah, that was nice. It was just four short months ago that we were recovering from the Great SnOMGasm Snoverkill Snomageddon Whatever the Heck we Finally Ended Up Calling It of 2010. Back when we put on layers of clothes just to get out of bed and then walked uphill both ways through snow and ice just to find out the store was out of milk and condoms anyway. When we spent weeks cowering from Mother Nature’s wrath, trapped by the piles and piles and piles of snow that just. would. not. end. And then we did it again. Dreaming of better days, warmer days, summer days. So, D.C., four months later, we’ve got our wish. It’s hot. How’s that working out for ya?

With help from the talented members of the We Love DC Flickr pool, let’s take a look back at the cold, snow-filled winter of 2009-10 and see what a difference a season makes:

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SNOW FORECAST: 10″-20″ More, History Making Winter

Photo courtesy of
‘Nate, Ernie and Unknown Nigh Steer’
courtesy of ‘InAweofGod’sCreation’

This is a picture of the latest suggested transportation method for DC

Logan Johnson, Senior Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, comes through yet again for the readers of We Love DC. The only thing I have to add to this thorough forecast and commentary is this: I am declaring the official #hashtag for this storm (and the whole winter) to be #snowdiculous. You are welcome.

The latest round in the boxing match with Old Man Winter will take the form of yet another powerful snowstorm taking aim on the DC area. In what has quickly gone from a snow lover’s dream winter…to something that now resembles more of a sick cosmic joke…the next storm looks poised to drop snow amounts better measured with yard sticks than rulers.

This latest installment will feature low pressure developing Tuesday near the Gulf of Mexico, and turning northwards. As it does, a new, stronger low pressure will form off the Carolina coast, spreading moisture north into the Mid-Atlantic region, as it interacts with cold air in place to fall in the form of snow.

The National Weather Service has posted Winter Storm Warnings for the DC metro area, and forecasted amounts range from 10 to 20 inches. For a city still digging out from last week’s storm, this will cause further travel difficulties, and as the snow falls heavily again, travel will become difficult or nearly impossible. By now, we know the drill, but staying off the roads and heeding all warnings from local authorities are the way to make it through another large storm.

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No Pants Party On The Metro Scheduled For Sunday

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of

I never saw much of a purpose to those darn plastic card holders you can hang around your neck in order to NOT lose your SmarTrip on the Metro. But now — I see the real reason behind their being invented — No Pants Metro Ride 2010!

That’s right — NO pants METRO ride! The yearly ride is scheduled for this Sunday, so start wrapping your heads around the concept now before you board Sunday morning without any forewarning.

What’s the hitch? There isn’t one. Just get on the Metro, ride around as if nothing is out of the ordinary. I mean hell, what’s better than an excuse to wear no pants and get away with it? Sure — it could be warmer — but that’d make this whole thing way less funny.

For all you locals interested in joining in on this excuse for a “No Pants” party of sorts, NBC Washington reports that people are planning to meet at the C Street park near L’Enfant Plaza at 3 p.m.

Forget that it’s winter … take off your pants and ride the Metro! You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Keep your pets and children inside during a blizzard by gerdaindc

Have you heard the rumor?  Due to the perfect combination of cool and moist weather patterns, DC could be in for a whole lot of snow this winter.  Our twenty inches that fell earlier this month could foreshadow much more white stuff to come.

Being from Denver, I love snowstorms, especially blizzards.  The bigger the better as far as I’m concerned.  I love how quiet things are when it snows and how it can transform a dirty, ugly city into a beautiful, serene wonderland.  Snowstorms can bring random strangers closer together, give people an excuse to stay home from school or work, and make for some great photographs.  Yet despite all of this, some people hate snow, hate the cold, and can’t wait for the sweaty, humid days of summer to return.

We’ve loved all of the snow photos that you’ve been adding to our Flickr pool.  This shot by gerdaindc takes me back to my childhood days when the kids in my neighborhood would build snowmen, go sledding, and depending on how ambitious we were, build igloos.  We may have even thrown snowballs at cars, but in those days it was all just innocent fun.

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Happy Solstice, DC!

Photo courtesy of
‘shields up’
courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

I don’t much care for winter. It’s not the cold (though that’s no fun), and it’s not the snow, it’s the lack of daylight. The days that don’t get bright until 7:30 and get dim again at 4:30. I just can’t handle that little light. So, celebrate, my fellow seasonally-affected folks, for today is the shortest day of the year. At just 9.4 hours of daylight, we’re won’t see a day this short for another year. It’s a long way back to 12 hours, yes, but each day gives us valuable seconds and minutes of daylight that will brighten our souls and lives.

Until then, perhaps warm your soul with a little Nocino, house-made at Room 11? They’ll start pouring tonight at 5pm. It’s supposed to be a real treat. See you there?

Featured Photo

Feature Photo

Kent 03 by Yospyn

As much as we try to fight it every year, winter has finally settled in upon us.  The days of patio dining and trips to the shore are over, replaced by more home cooked meals and vacations to warm destinations.  The time has come when we must find where we stored our winter hats, heavy coats, and the mental strength to make it through to spring.  I don’t know about you, but my mind switches gears when it realizes that there are months of dismal weather to come.  The world slows down, giving me time to reflect, rejuvenate, and renew.

The photo above by local photographer, Joshua Yospyn, depicts a man who has been through many winters of reflection.  You can see the accrued wisdom in his eyes and peace in his soul.  The dark shades of his coat, hat, and umbrella accentuate the intense color of his eyes, the ghostly paleness of his skin, and the frosty red tip of his nose.  What appears to be a window reflection in the lower right is an enigma according to the photographer – he has no idea what it is or how it got there.  This leads me to wonder, does Old Man Winter actually exist or is he an apparition?  I’ll ponder that as I sip on an Irish coffee under the comfort of my warm blanket.  Wake me up when the cherry blossoms start blooming.

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Winter Storm Watch


As of today, South Carolina, Las Vegas, and the United Arab Emirates have all gotten more snow than Washington, DC this winter. The city has seen a few flurries and even a dusting or two in the suburbs, but our total accumulation so far has been pretty much zero. That might be about to change, however, with this winter weather watch.

Latest statement from NWS has us starting with mostly snow late tonight or early Tuesday morning, transitioning to freezing rain late Tuesday afternoon and evening, then changing to just rain on Wednesday. So things will gradually go from fluffy and picturesque to messy, wet, and slippery. I also estimate a 65% chance of longer grocery lines for milk, bread, and toilet paper.

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DC Loves the Holidays

Photo courtesy of FredoAlvarez
Union Station Wreaths, courtesy of FredoAlvarez

Ok, I confess.

My initial intent with doing a “Holiday Happenings” article was to hit the majority of the cool stuff happening in the area. But as I did more and more research, the more amazed (and flummoxed) I became with the sheer volume of cool holiday stuff to do around here.

This’ll be my third Christmas in the area and my first real foray into finding out what all is going on to sate my holiday appetite. Normally we just hit the area neighborhood to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ over light displays but this year? We wanted to really take advantage of the season.

Hence wanting to take this project on. Boy, am I ashamed to say I was utterly ignorant on the goings-on around here during December.

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Essential DC, Weekend Flashback

Holiday Photo Contest!

Photo courtesy of Intiaz Rahim
Jefferson Memorial HDR, courtesy of Intiaz Rahim

Hope everyone had a great holiday / extended weekend. While everyone was digesting food and recovering from family visits, November snuck out the door. Welcome to December!

First off, we’ve got some exciting news for you! Today we’re kicking off our first-ever photo contest, and you’re all invited! Of course, I should explain the rules before just cutting you all loose…

The theme is “Holidays in DC” which means that yes, every photo submitted must reflect the holiday / winter season in our area.

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