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Call for Food Truck Tracker Pictures

Photo courtesy of
‘The Barr Building’
courtesy of ‘vpickering’

Every day we, along with the strEATS DC, bring you the Food Truck Tracker. And everyday all of you fine readers add more pictures to our awesome We Love DC flickr photo pool so that we can continue to bring you snazzy, cool content.

Now this is somewhat of a personal plea, but my eyes (and I’m sure yours as well) grow tired of seeing the same pictures time and time again. So, my roving eaters, I’m asking you all to take a minute the next time you dine at a food truck, snap a picture and submit it to our flickr pool. Be it a picture of the truck, the long lines, the food–anything food truck related–we want to see it. Make sure you tag it with the label “food truck” when you add it to the pool. You’ll get credited and all the world will see your food truckeriffic photography, and you’ll give my eyes (and everyone else’s) something new to feast on.

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Photos: Old Washington in the Winter

Taft Inauguration

Photo courtesy of the DC Public Library

I love Flickr. Here at We Love DC, we all love Flickr. Without your contributions to our pool, the site would be a lot less colorful. But one of my favorite things about Flickr is The Commons, where museums of the world post selections of their historic photography collections. It can be fun sometimes to spend an hour or two lost in a long-ago world, made all the more enlightening because so many of those photos show scenes of our very city: Washington. As we recover from last week’s snowstorm and as we’re currently dealing with another mess of a weather pattern, it seems like the right time to take a look back at how Washingtonians of the past dealt with winter.

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DC Public Library Joins Flickr Commons


White House by flickr user DC Public Library Commons

This just in – the D.C. Public Library has joined the Flickr revolution and entered the Commons on Flickr. The Commons on Flickr is basically a place to share public photo archives and gives the public the opportunity to tag things and share personal knowledge.

Flickr says, “The District of Columbia Public Library is a center of activity in the U.S. capital and this 7 set, 145 photo sampling from its collection features historic images of D.C.’s buildings and federal memorials, the Arlington National Cemetery, historic houses, and street scenes. Also featured are portraits of past presidents and other prominent Americans.”

Start browsing, you might be able to find a shot of your street with horse and buggy!

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Photo Flashback: Snow Edition

Photo courtesy of
‘Berries in snow…’
courtesy of ‘Roger Photos’

The WLDC Flickr pool has been abuzz with pictures of the snow. I listed snow-covered DC as one of the things I am most thankful for, and so it was my pleasure to comb through the great photos our flickratzi have submitted over the past 24 hours, and pulled some to post. So click on through to take a tour of our gorgeous city in the snow. Continue reading

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Natural History Ocean Hall Time Lapse

Via DC Metrocentric, we find that the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has a Flickr stream, to which they have posted a a time lapse video of construction progress on their upcoming Ocean Hall:

The Ocean Hall opens in September 2008. Being an avid scuba diver and admirer of all forms of marine life (in beauty and taste), I look forward to this eagerly.