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Featured Photo

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DC Streets: Beneath the Surface by pnzr242

While it may not have the historical significance and impeccable timing of Cartier-Bresson’s “Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare“, this image captures a beautiful moment in time.  I love it when a photo causes your eye to dance around the frame, first from the obvious action of the puddle, next to the exiting body, then to the broken reflection of the tree, with an unfortunate ending at the ugly bike tire.  The use of black and white here adds to the gloomy, rainy day mood and forces the viewer’s eyes to concentrate on composition and subject matter, two ingredients that can sometimes be clouded by color.  This photo also serves as a reminder that not everything is happening directly in front of you.  Look up, look behind you, look down — you never know what you might be missing while you’re on a date with your camera.

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Washington Harbour Boardwalk Flooded

Potomac River Floods Washington Harbour

We’ve got a major Coastal Flood Warning today, with the tidal Potomac swelling to 3-4 ft above flood level, and 5-10 ft around Georgetown. Be safe and cautious if you live or work near the Potomac River or the C&O Canal, and don’t try to drive through flood water. The National Harbour boardwalk and parts of the driveway to K Street are inundated, and as has already been mentioned, a broken C&O Canal lock may cause additional flooding in Lower Georgetown. Parts of the The Mount Vernon Bike Trail are underwater, and of course Old Town Alexandria is getting swamped as well.

After the jump, a hydrograph and some bigger photos. Continue reading

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The Return of the Sun

Photo courtesy of
‘Looking Up’
courtesy of ‘Samer Farha’

On your way into work this morning, you might have noticed a giant blue expanse and a shining orb in the place of the gray ceiling that you had grown accustomed to.  This is called “clear sky” and it should be the norm for the rest of the week.  Warm temperatures and dry air are finally returning to the DC area and it is good to see them back.  Unfortunately, we do have some more rain in our forecast, just in time for next weekend.  Let’s hope the weatherman is lying.

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Bitter sweet&soggy

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‘Hold onto your hats!’
courtesy of ‘lorigoldberg’

We’re getting much-needed rain today. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows our region as being in moderate drought conditions, so this rainfall is good news. It’s not a one-shot fix, though – Capitol Weather pointed out at the end of last month that we were a full five inches below normal, something you can’t correct in one hit. While it would be nice to get more dry days to enjoy the warming weather, we really need to be hoping for some more consistent rainfall over the next few months.

The downside to today’s catch-up is that you might be done with blossom-peeping whether or not you’ve gone out to do it. National Weather Service says we’re looking at a wind around 15mpg and gusts that could go up to 28mph. Tonight’s just going to get windier, to the point where there might be a wind advisory. As I recall, last year it was some windy spring weather that took us from beautiful to bare trees in no time at all.

So batten down your hatches, such as they are, and if you didn’t get to the basin, well, you can enjoy Ben’s shots,the great shots in the We Love DC pool or some of the over 300,000 pictures in Flickr marked with “Cherry Blossoms.”

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Winter Storm Watch


As of today, South Carolina, Las Vegas, and the United Arab Emirates have all gotten more snow than Washington, DC this winter. The city has seen a few flurries and even a dusting or two in the suburbs, but our total accumulation so far has been pretty much zero. That might be about to change, however, with this winter weather watch.

Latest statement from NWS has us starting with mostly snow late tonight or early Tuesday morning, transitioning to freezing rain late Tuesday afternoon and evening, then changing to just rain on Wednesday. So things will gradually go from fluffy and picturesque to messy, wet, and slippery. I also estimate a 65% chance of longer grocery lines for milk, bread, and toilet paper.

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Dreary Weekend Activities

Sunday Afternoon Rain by RSchley

Sunday Afternoon Rain by RSchley

Thursdays always make me think of Fridays, which make me think about my weekend plans. And this weekend is looking like it’s going to be a dreary one.

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to motivate to get out of bed on days like today, when it’s chilly and steadily raining. So here are a list of activities for different levels of motivation this weekend, from “not leaving the house” to “rain? what rain?” Continue reading

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Ready For Rain?

GOES satellite image

Capital Weather forecast: a stormy end to the week. It’s been a lovely week for being out in the sunny, balmy outdoors, but that lovely weather ends today, with rain and wind starting from later this morning or afternoon, and going clear through till Saturday and possibly even Sunday. Temperatures today will reach highs in the upper 60s, and umbrellas are recommended.

NWS has DC under a couple of warnings at the moment: a Hazardous Weather Outlook and a Coastal Flood Advisory.

(Satellite image courtesy GOES of Goddard, right out in Greenbelt. Goddard is in Greenbelt, I mean. The GOES satellites are in space.)